Plus, Student Debaters in Colombia, 10 Years of Regulatory Studies and More
Plus, Student Debaters in Colombia, 10 Years of Regulatory Studies and More
Columbian College

December 2019

Michael Schmidt with group of students
Michael Schmidt, BA ’78, MBA ’85, found a home at GW and met his future partner, who died in 2010. His $1 million planned gift to support the LGBTQ+ campus community honors the legacy of his GW experience.
Group of regulatory studies center members with Washington Monument in the background
For a decade, the GW Regulatory Studies Center has provided expert insights for policy leaders and newsmakers while spearheading research and fostering student opportunities.
GW Professor Hope Harrison, then a graduate student, visited the Berlin Wall at the time of its historic fall
Hope M. Harrison was a student in Berlin in 1989 during the fall of the city’s infamous wall. Now, as a professor of history and international affairs, she studies the way it is remembered.
Evelyn Ramirez and other students stand in front of a projection screen
The GWomen X Springboard program is empowering women to create student startups. Among them is American Studies major Evelyn Ramirez (far left) who designed an app that aids women experiencing workplace sexual harassment.
GW students in Bogotá
In collaboration with the college’s Peace Studies Program, GW student debaters traveled to Colombia, where they teamed up with students from Bogotá's leading university on an intercultural exchange.
Sylvain Guiriec, Thomas LeBlanc and Anne LeBlanc examine equipment in the Innovation Lab
A new Physics Department-led Innovation Lab in Corcoran Hall will help faculty, students and staff from across the university apply physics solutions to real-world problems.
Picture of the gamma-ray burst
Chryssa Kouveliotou, Alexander van der Horst and an international team of astrophysicists observed a gamma-ray burst release the highest energy of light ever detected.
Paul Arguin and Chris Taylor in a kitchen
From CDC medical expert to master pie maker, Paul Arguin, BS ’89, (left with husband and fellow pastry chef Chris Taylor) has won 600 baking awards and published a new cookbook featuring his 75 favorite pie recipes. 


Lynne E. Bernstein (Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences) received a $494,498 grant from the National Institutes of Health for speech perception training on advanced scoring and feedback models.
Christopher Brick (History) was awarded a $246,605 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities for the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project.
Thomas D. Cook (Public Policy and Public Administration) was awarded a three-year, $1.17 million grant from the National Science Foundation to conduct experiments investigating bias in research.
Sara Fischer, BA ’12, (Political Communication) was named to the 2020 Forbes Magazine “30 Under 30” list.
Kathryn Newcomer (Public Policy and Public Administration) co-authored the book U.S. Inspectors General: Truth telling in Turbulent Times.

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