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Image shows woman teaching boy in wheelchair
V  I  D  E  O   O  F   T  H  E    W  E  E  K
Jenni Trujillo, dean of the School of Education, discusses the unique graduate programs on tap for educators looking to step up their game. By drawing on the expertise of regional leaders and incorporating a holistic pedagogy, Fort Lewis College is preparing the next generation of educators for their ever-changing field. 

FLC Basic Needs Coordinator joins housing effort

Stella Zhu is bridging the gap for unhoused students waiting for long-term housing solutions. With her fresh insights, FLC has been able to help students deftly maneuver the current housing crisis and help them succeed along the way.

FLC alumna provides water education on TikTok

Known as the “WesternWaterGirl” on TikTok, Teal Lehto (Environmental Studies, ‘20) tackles water topics like reservoir management, agricultural irrigation efficiency, cloud seeding, and hydropower. Lehto shares her expertise with thousands of viewers and calls them to action. 
M  O  R  E    N  E  W  S    F  R  O  M    F L C
Photo shows man posing next to a painting of a bear.

That's hawksome

Jed Smith (Anthrolopogy, ‘15) was recently awarded a CHUBB postgraduate fellowship with the New York Academy of Art. Fellows have the opportunity to expand the breadth and depth of their artistic prowess while serving as teaching assistants and mentors to the next generation of artists. CHUBB fellows also receive studio accommodations, exhibition opportunities, and a stipend.

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