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 Volume 7    August 2013
Message from the Director
With students returning to classes at all of our member schools, it’s a time of energy and increased activity for the new academic year. It’s the perfect time to highlight one of VACCINE’s three mission areas: Education. A number of VACCINE’s recent educational activities are highlighted in this issue. We focus on education from the collegiate to the professional level. Training and professional education are a growing thrust within our education mission as we strive to educate professionals to transform  massive data into an asset that helps them become more effective and efficient.  If you are interested in finding out more about our educational activities or becoming involved in them, please contact us.
 Summer Education at VACCINE
Its been a busy summer for education at VACCINE. We participated in the DHS Summer Research Team program for Minority Serving Institutions and were fortunate enough to host a faculty-student team from the University of Texas in Kingsville. Dr. Ed Delp of Purdue University was paired with Dr. Nuri Yilmazer and his undergraduate student, William Jaramillo (pictured above). Dr. Delp served as an area expert as well as a mentor for the visiting duo. The team spent the summer researching UAV imaging and various methods for sharpening and filtering the images acquired by such a device. 
In addition to our visitors from the south, VACCINE was able to have undergraduates participate in a research program for the duration of the summer. During this time, the students learned a bit about the Department of Homeland Security and were able to participate in a learning activity that has tangible impact. The VACCINE graduate students were responsible for mentoring them. Purdue ECE graduate student, Shehzad Afzal was recognized for his hard work in mentoring the student by receiving this year's mentor award (pictured below). Please congratulate Shehzad on a job well done!

Last but not least, Florida International University undergraduate, Jesse Domack, won the 2013 Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Technology Student of the Year Award. He also received the CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Awards 2013 - Honorable Mention in the Computing Research. Jesse worked on VACCINE projects before graduating this past year and accepting a position with State Farm. Please congratulate Jesse on all his accomplishments!
Teaching the Teachers:
Visual Analytics Faculty Training

Jackson State University, one of VACCINE's MSI components, was gracious enough to host our pilot faculty training program at the end of July. Faculty participants from Jackson State University, Tuskegee University, Morgan State University, and the University of Houston - Downtown attended the program  with the purpose of introducing Visual Analytics curriculum and tools into their own courses and curriculum. Dr. Remco Chang of Tufts University, Dr. Ross Maciejewski of Arizona State University, Dr. Brian Fisher of Simon Fraser University, and Dr. Jackie Jackson of Jackson State University were presenters. Attendees had great interest in VACCINE’s VALET tool, along with other commercially available tools such as Tableau, Jump, Jeoda, and OneSource, with particular interest in Tableau. The course took place over two days and based on the feedback received, it seems as though the participants would like for it to be offered again, perhaps with a bit more time for practice with various visual analytics tools.
- Congratulations to Dr. Ross Maciejewski's VADER team for taking the Excellent Visual Analysis of Structure and Unstructured Data in the VAST 2013 Mini-Challenge 1: Box Office.
- On August 1st, Two undergraduates who spent their summer working in the VACCINE lab presented on their work at Purdue's Research Symposium for undergrad research.
- On August 23rd, VACCINE was honored to host Indiana State Senator Brandt Hershman. Senator Hershman was here to learn more about the mission of a DHS COE.
- On August 23rd, VACCINE hosted visitors from Ivy Tech, a network of community colleges local to Indiana, to discuss incorporating visual analytics into their criminal justice curriculum.
- On August 26th, VACCINE attended a tech transfer event in Kansas City. K-State hosted the event to expose industy to a variety of ongoing research at universities in the Midwest.
- On August 27th, VACCINE presented on current research and tools for the Kansas State Fusion Center in Topeka.
On September 26th and 27th, VACCINE will host its annual meeting on Purdue's campus in West Lafayette, IN. 
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