Special Notice from ATMIA’s CEO: 2020 Membership Fee Increases

After ten years of having zero increase to our membership fees, ATMIA will, from next year, increase fees by 10%. We expect to hold them at the new level for several years.

The reasons are obvious: increase in costs and, especially, the high costs of carrying out industry advocacy, providing education and building events to create strong connections for our members in our key regions. 

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Global Next Gen ATMs

The Number of Companies Participating in the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs is 280 Worldwide

The number of companies participating in the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs has risen from 210 at the beginning of the year to 280 worldwide. The Next Gen ATM ecosystem will be a win-win-win: win for deployers, suppliers and third-party disrupters and innovators, win for ATM customers and win for the whole global ATM industry (a rising tide lifts all boats).
In 2020, an online modular self-certification system will be developed for ATMIA, as the project manager for Next Gen ATMs. It will serve as a one-stop shop for the entire global industry to certify and recognize Next Gen products and services as they are produced and aim to go to market.

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The new ASA (ATM Security Association) website is now up and running - completely separate from the ATMIA website.

The ASA's mission is to "help keep ATMs as the world's most secure financial services consumer touchpoint by providing relevant intelligence, information alerts, best practices and industry standards and solutions for the protection of ATM cassettes, and the cash inside them, in compatibility with health and safety principles and in line with the concept of taking away the reward for the criminal targeting ATMs."

Spotlight on Premium ATM Reports

We have recently published premium reports on a wide-variety of topics from security to the future of the industry – to provide you with a competitive edge in planning your next move in our ever-changing marketplace.

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Sponsor Spotlight

ATMIA is proud to have industry leaders as regional and global sponsors. We have shined the spotlight on some of our sponsors and the work they are doing for the ATM Industry.

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Do You Have What It Takes to Win an ATMmy?

ATMIA is pleased to announce the second annual ATMmys, a marketing awards competition presented by the ATMIA International Marketing Forum (IMF) and dedicated to recognizing the hard work and creativity required to promote cash and ATM products and services to businesses and consumers worldwide.

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Join the Cashless Ban'd Wagon

Efforts to ban retail establishments from refusing cash payments are gaining momentum everywhere – at the city, state, and federal levels. The stated motivation in all of these instances is that a cashless environment discriminates against the poor and the unbanked. The issue, however, is much larger than that.

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Universal Cash Deposit at UK ATMs - and the move to Smart ATMs!

In these days when the number of bank branches is fast declining, it is unrealistic - and very inconvenient - to expect those wishing to deposit cash to search out one of their own bank's ATMs to do so.

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Check Out ATMIA's Regional Webpages

Visit our newly updated regional webpages to learn more about our work, regional news, upcoming committee meetings and more about our members.

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