Council Member Alondra Cano joined dozens of residents and students gathered at Mount Olive Church to raise awareness about ways we can reduce and prevent commercial sexual exploitation in our neighborhoods. The panel was led by The Family Partnership's PRIDE program, Breaking Free, and the Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center.
Dear Friends,
We continue to bring unity, resources, and capacity to our collective table to ensure that our community is leading the charge on reducing crime in our streets and increasing safety for our families. I'm consistenly amazed by the positive amount of resident engagement, community meetings, partnerships, and ganas to roll up our sleeves and get to work on these topics.
I wanted to share a few updates on the type of efforts you will start to see having additional impact on making our neighborhoods more safe and reducing the criminal activity in our commercial corridors. This past week I met with Mayor Hodges' lead policy aide on crime and safety efforts. We are happy to report that the $250,000 budgetary allocation the Council approved last December is now being guided by a team of national consultants who are workign hand in hand with our community. This team of national consultants, with community input, are putting together a Request for Proposals that will be released within the coming months so that residents, neighbors, and every day people can submit an idea to get funded to reduce crime in our ward. This is an innovative and community grounded effort that I'm looking forward to supporting in its many phases.
The City of Minneapolis recently released our Request for Proposals for the $75,000 budgetary amendment I was able to sheperd through the Council process. This money is allocated to help organizations who are working to reduce and prevent commercial sexual exploitation in our Indigenous, Trans, Queer, and youth communities. The cycle has now closed and the City staff are in the process of selection grant award winners. In the coming months I look forward to telling you more about the work that will be funded and how you can plug in to those efforts.
We continue to engage with Hennepin County on the research they offered to do on best practices to reduce and prevent commercial sexual exploitation which included a look at establishing a needle exchange on Lake Street. The Byrne federal grant that Little Earth and our City Attorney's office was given has now been completed and a second application has been submitted by the partners seeking implementation dollars. In the coming weeks the Byrne grant team will be hosting public meetings to review their data and findings, we will be sure to let you know about these dates once we're notified.
As always, please do not hesitate to contact my office or reach out to me to ask questions, request our support, or find out the status of the many efforts we are involved with to reduce crime and increase safety for our families.
La lucha sigue,
By ZoeAnna Martinez, Outreach and Services Manager, Lake Street Council

At the Lake Street Council, our goal is to engage, serve, and advocate for the Lake Street corridor, including businesses, residents, and visitors. We do this through programs that support entrepreneurs, beautify the corridor, and build community. 
For the past year, we have undertaken a number of community safety initiatives to support our Lake Street business and residential community. This effort has been a collaboration between business leaders, the Minneapolis Police Third Precinct, the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office, the City of Minneapolis Attorney’s Office, 9th Ward, and Metro Transit Police. 
Through monthly conversations with these stakeholders, our business community has successfully:  
  • Advocated for additional beat officers in Lake Street Midtown area
  • Advocated for shift of nighttime beat officers to better serve our community’s need 
  • Connected and strengthened our Lake Street business community - in particular our Latino business network
  • Provided mini-grants to businesses to improve their nightlight lighting
  • Worked with the greater south Minneapolis community on safety initiatives
  • Built positive relationships with the Hennepin County Minnesota Judicial Branch and Fourth District Judicial Officers
Learn more about Lake Street Council and our work through this short video.
All are welcome to join us the third Tuesday of every month.
Las Mojarras, 1507 E. Lake Street
6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Call 911 to report any criminal activity or if you see or know of a child who is being hurt or exploited.
Call Dawn at Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center 612-728-2000 to get help for American Indian women experiencing commercial sexual exploitation, chemical dependency, and domestic violence. The MIWRC is also able to serve GLBTQ victims of commercial sexual exploitation.
Call PRIDE 24 hour crisis line 612-728-2062 to get help for people experiencing commercial sexual exploitation or substance abuse issues. PRIDE is also equipped to serve GLBTQ victims of commercial sexual exploitation.
Make a child protection report at 612-348-3552 or online if you encounter a child who you think is being sexually exploited. 
Call St. Stephen's Street Outreach Workers 612-874-0311 to get immediate help for people who are experiencing homelessness.
Call Day One Services 24 hour crisis line 1-866-223-1111 to get help for people experiencing commercial sexual exploitation, sexual violence, or domestic abuse.
The Phillips Neighborhood Clinic is open for walk-in patients Mondays and Thursdays 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. at St Paul's Lutheran Church, 2742 15th Avenue South. No insurance needed- all medical care provided for free.
Walk-in Counseling Center provides free, anonymous mental health counseling and referrals five days a week right in the neighborhood. 2421 Chicago Avenue South.
Midtown Phillips Crime Meeting, March 13 (repeats every second Monday of the month), 6:30 p.m. St. Paul's Lutheran Church, 2742 15th Avenue South.
CANDO Community MeetingMarch 16 (Repeats every third Tuesday), 5:30 p.m. (Crime and safety breakout begins at 6:30 p.m.) CANDO Community Space at CTUL, 3715 Chicago Avenue South.
Lake Street Commercial Safety ConversationMarch 16 (Repeats every third Tuesday), 6:30 p.m. Las Mojarras, 1507 East Lake Street.
Alondra Cano represents the Ninth Ward on the Minneapolis City Council. The Ninth Ward consists of the Central, Corcoran, East Phillips, Midtown Phillips, and Powderhorn Park neighborhoods along with a sliver of Longfellow. Our diverse and vibrant communities boast beautiful parks, a number of thriving small business corridors, the Midtown Exchange, world class hospitals, and an informed and engaged community of changemakers, artists, and activists.
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911 for all emergencies.
612-348-2345 for non-emergencies.
If you suspect drug dealing but have not actually seen it call 612-673-5706.
If you are in doubt call 911 and they will route your call properly.
Contact Crime Prevention Specialist Karen Notsch 612-673-2856 for issues South of Lake Street.
Contact Crime Prevention Specialist John Baumann 612-825-6138 for issues North of Lake Street.
Read more about the ways Crime Prevention Specialists can help.
Check out MPD's Third Precinct website for additional information and resources.
My office has continued to build on the efforts of our Council predecessor to address nuisance properties by meeting monthly to identify and monitor problem properties in our neighborhoods. Each month representatives from the City of Minneapolis' Police Department, Attorney's Office, Housing Inspections, Business Licensing, Parking Enforcement and the County's prosecutor's and probation office meet to coordinate and discuss commercial, residential rental and owner occupied buildings that are causing problems related to public safety.
Problem properties should be reported to your area's Crime Prevention Specialist or to the Ninth Ward office at 612-673-2209. Please note that MPD needs to receive two reports on the same problem property in order to prevent the program from being mis-used.
Call (612) 673-2209
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