The Next Financial Stress Reduction® teleclasses begin in February!
The Next Financial Stress Reduction® teleclasses begin in February!
Chellie Campbell, Financial Stress Reduction Speaker, Author, Coach

November 16, 2017                   News from Chellie Campbell               111617

Dear Dolphins,
I was reading some past newsletters and came across this one from 2011. It put a big grin on my face, so I thought I would share it with you!
Sometimes you have to give marching orders to the Universe.
Let me explain:
A woman who had enrolled in my 8-week course and paid in full up front, had to cancel at the last minute less than an hour before class was due to start. Although I have a "no cancellation" policy because I think it's important for people to keep their commitments, I made an exception due to her circumstances, and refunded her money.
But I was now out $2,000, and I didn't have any time to try to arrange for someone else to take her place. Harumph.
So, I gave the Universe my marching orders:
"Hey, Universe! I just lost $2,000 through no fault of my own. So you owe me $2,000 now. I'm off for the weekend to Pechanga Casino with my buddies, and I expect to win at least $2,000 there!"
I have done this before and I know it works. I am very lucky. I affirm my luck all the time. I visualized winning jackpots, winning at poker, and having fun!
The very next day I arrived at Pechanga, and started playing penny slots. I was sitting at a machine that's one of my favorite types (Roman Tribune), and I really like the graphics. But it wasn't really paying off. All of a sudden, I heard a voice in my head say, "Chellie, this machine isn't doing the job. Although you like the graphics, the machine on your left pays off more often. The purpose of this is to win money, not enjoy the pictures. So move over!"
So I picked myself up and sat down at the machine on my left (China Shores). I think it was about 5 minutes later that I hit it for about 100 free games. During that, I hit one of the biggest symbols covering the screen, and won $960, but then I hit it for another 300 free games! I was stunned. It kept paying off and ended up paying me $1,771!
Well, I felt really great about that, I can assure you. So now the Universe had paid its bill to me, and I happily went off to play another machine...and won another $1,250!
When I got back from Pechanga and back to work, I got another participant in my workshop, too. So that was another $2,000...which means the Universe paid me $5,021 instead of the $2,000 I asked for.
I feel another affirmation coming on..."The Universe always pays my bills in full, and sends double and triple the amount I ask for!"
*Note: With gambling as with other entertainments, have a budget for it, stick to your budget, and then you'll enjoy yourself win or lose.
Love and blessings,
Featured Article from "The Wealthy Spirit Blog"
328-November 24
Happiness Is an Inside Job
“Gold, like the sun, which melts wax and hardens clay, expands great souls and contracts bad hearts.”—Antoine de Rivaroli
Studies have shown that, once above subsistence level, having more money and material success won’t make you any happier. You already have to be happy. If you haven’t learned how to be a happy person, how to take pleasure in the daily gifts the world offers to all of us, material goods will not satisfy you. Everyone can point to rich people who are lonely, bored, angry, or depressed. Having money just made them comfortable in their misery. The single-minded pursuit of money can distract them from their despair for awhile, but in the end, if they are curled up in their castle alone with no friends, all their millions will be cold comfort.
Some people are afraid to have a lot of money, because they think the money will make them selfish, uncaring, lonely, and miserable. But money doesn’t do that. It’s what is done with the money that is either good or evil. If you would do evil if you had money, then you are evil now—just without power. Money does provide power. The more money you have, the more you can manifest your material desires. The downside is that one can get distracted by all the material manifestations and neglect the spiritual ones. But of course, being poor can keep you focused on the lack of material success, and that can keep you from manifesting your spiritual desires.
So what is the answer? Learn to live rich, inside and out. There is joy in both internal wealth and external wealth. Focus on joy, happiness, your relationship with God, your relationships with other people, the meaning of life, and the mission of your life. Rich or poor, you can meditate and pray and make these your priorities. When you are joyful and grateful for what you have, you create the space for more. When you sense that there is a purpose to life and a mission within it for you to fulfill, then you act in harmony with God and the Universe. Open yourself to manifesting abundance in all areas of life, including financial success, knowing that you will use them honorably and with wisdom for the good of all around you.
Today’s Affirmation: “I live richly and happily—inside and out!”

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