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We hope you've had a good spring and are heading into a great summer! To all who graduated from undergraduate or graduate programs, our heartiest congratulations!! It's been a joy to see JHU's graduation ceremonies return to in-person celebrations.
This spring, the NFP once again operated in a hybrid mode, with information sessions, advising, and interview prep conducted virtually, but we anticipate a more-or-less complete return to campus in the fall.
The past few years have been full of change for our office, a trend that continued this spring. Stephon Hamell, the inaugural director of the Scholars & Fellows Programs portfolio in which NFP sits, departed at the end of April. He has returned to Georgetown as an advising dean for the College of Arts & Sciences. We were sad to have to say goodbye to Dr. Hamell, who made invaluable contributions in launching the new Kessler Scholars Program, resituating the revamped Baltimore Scholars Program, and guiding NFP into a new era. We thank him sincerely and wish him all the best in this exciting new role. A search for a new Director of Scholars and Fellows is underway. We hope to share news of new leadership soon.
Do you have news to share? Please let us know by emailing us or connecting with us on social media. We're building out our presence on Twitter, Instagram, and, most recently, LinkedIn. We particularly encourage you to join our LinkedIn group - more below!
All best wishes,
Dr. Kathleen M. Barry
Associate Director for Fellowships, Scholars & Fellows Programs

NFP Alumni Directory - A New Approach

As we shared in our last newsletter, we took the alumni directory we built on our website offline after we discovered unwanted sharing of information via Google. We are grateful to all of you who provided us with directory information previously.
Moving forward, we have decided to create the following groups to foster alumni connections:
  • LinkedIn group. Since so many of you have LinkedIn profiles already, this struck us as the easiest point of connection for networking.
  • JHU OneHop Mentoring group. This is purpose-built for JHU alumni, staff, and current students to connect and engage around mentorship. It's linked to JHU OneHop Alumni, which is the primary OneHop hub. OneHop Alumni provides a community for alumni to network with one another, whereas OneHop Mentoring facilitates purposeful connections between current students and alumni mentors. Once you've created an account on OneHop Alumni, you will have access to OneHop Mentoring as well. Our office is not eligible to have a group on OneHop Alumni, but we have a group set up and ready to go on OneHop Mentoring.
If you are on LinkedIn and/or OneHop Alumni, or both, please join us! We are always grateful for how generous our alums are in sharing insights and experiences, and we want to help make networking and mentorship easy.
Join NFP on LinkedIn
Join NFP on OneHop Mentoring

Recent Awards News

Spring is always an exciting time in the fellowships world thanks to the many notifications for various awards. We are delighted to share the following good news about scholarships, fellowships, and grants offered to JHU students and recent alums (in alphabetical order of award):

Astronaut Scholarship

  • Elizabeth (Izze) Hedrick (’23 Materials Science & Engineering and Physics)
  • Ellie Rose Mattoon (’23 Molecular & Cellular Biology and Public Health)
The scholarships recognize Izze's work on materials synthesis and engineering for quantum computing hardware in Dr. Tyrel McQueen’s lab, and Ellie Rose's Woodrow Wilson grant-funded work on the impact of climate change on environmental pathogens in Dr. Arturo Casadavell’s lab.

DAAD Research Grants

  • Yunqi Tian (PhD Candidate, Philosophy)
The DAAD one-year grant will fund Yunqi's research on German Idealism and 18th-century political philosophy.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

  • Nisita Dutta (’20 MS/BS Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)
  • Kevin Fan Hsu (’21 MA Cultural Heritage Management)
You can read more about Nisita and Kevin and their plans in the JHU Hub.

Goldwater Scholarship

  • Christopher Anchan (’23 Biophysics)
  • Sai Chandan Reddy (’23 Neuroscience and Chemistry)
  • Sarah Syed (’23 Neuroscience)
You can read more about Christopher, Sai, and Sarah and their research in the JHU Hub.

Knight-Hennessy Scholarship

  • Nikhil Gupta (’16 BA/MA International Studies and International Relations)
  • Katherine Hu (’20 Biomedical Engineering)
You can read more about Nikhil and Kathy and their plans in the JHU Hub.

PD Soros Fellowship for New Americans

  • Quenton Bubb (’15 Biophysics)
  • Zubia Hasan (’21 Physics)
  • Alexander Pisera (’17 Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)
You can read more about Quenton, Zubia, and Alexander and their plans in the JHU Hub.
Congratulations also to Soros finalists:
  • Katherine Hu (’20 Biomedical Engineering)
  • JJ Kim (MD/PhD Student, Neuroscience)

SSRC International Dissertation Research Fellowship

  • Faisal Abualhassan (PhD Candidate, History)
The SSRC IDRF will fund research for Faisal's dissertation, "Cartographies of Bonds and Bondage: Orienting the Sahara, 1900-1962."

Fulbright 2022-23 Grant Recipients

Study/Research Awards
  • Lahin Amlani (’24 MD, School of Medicine) - Medical Sciences, Malawi
  • Halle Cathey (’21 Neuroscience and Spanish) - Public Health/Graduate Degree Award, Mexico
  • Eduardo da Costa (Dec ’20 Medicine, Science & Humanities) - Medical Sciences, Brazil
  • William Edmonds (’22 Political Science and Economics) - Political Science, European Union Schuman Award
  • Marlis Hinckley (PhD Candidate, History of Science) - History, Mexico
  • Autumn Hughes (’22 Biomedical Engineering) - Biomedical Engineering, Germany
  • Alim Leung (’23 MS, School of Public Health) - Public Health, South Africa
  • Holly Nelson (DMA Candidate, Peabody) - Musical Instrument Training – Violin, Argentina
  • Andrea Newman-Rivera (’22 Molecular & Cellular Biology and Public Health) - Public Health, Honduras
  • Laura-Marie Peeples (’21 MS, School of Public Health) - Public Health, Dominican Republic
  • Neetika Rastogi (’22 Neuroscience) - Neuroscience/University of Helsinki Graduate Award, Finland)
  • Kaitlin Stouffer (MD/PhD Candidate, Biomedical Engineering and Medicine) - Mathematics, France
  • Anna Wherry (PhD Candidate, Anthropology) - Anthropology, Colombia
  • Sydnee Wong (’22 Chemistry) - Chemistry, Spain
English Teaching Assistantships
  • Isabel Adler (’21, Writing Seminars and Spanish) - Spain
  • Julia Colen (’22 International Studies and Political Science) - Taiwan
  • Joshua Lee (’21 International Studies and Spanish) - South Korea)
  • Andres Pasuizaca (’22 Public Health) - Taiwan
  • Sydney Taylor (’21 MA, School of Education) - Saudi Arabia
  • Amanda Yuen (’22 International Studies and Anthropology) - Taiwan
And congratulations to the following current & recently graduated Hopkins students who won the NSF GRF to study the fields noted.

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

  • Ona Ambrozaite (Photonic Materials)
  • Zachary Bernstein (Bioengineering)
  • Timothy Boen (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Vincent Clark (Chemistry of Life Processes)
  • Sholei Croom (Cognitive Psychology)
  • Hector Afonso Garcia Cruz (Cosmology)
  • Rachel K. Dveirin (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Hope Elizabeth Eden (Cell Biology)
  • Bruce Peter Enzmann (Biomaterials)
  • Dennis Gong (Bioengineering)
  • Jasmine R. Grey (Cell Biology)
  • Charles Scott Kirby (Cell Biology)
  • Monika Kizerwetter (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Ama Aku Koranteng (Algorithms and Theoretical Foundations)
  • Siyang Li (Astronomy and Astrophysics)
  • Lilith Delan Liang (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Marisa Magdalena Morakis (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Trinh Nguyen (Neurosciences)
  • Kiara Nicole Quinn (Neural Engineering)
  • Ranjani Ramasubramanian (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Aaditya Rau (Computational Science and Engineering)
  • Sophie Skanchy (Biophysics)
  • Stewart Slocum (Machine Learning)
  • Anthony Song (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Sarah Voss (Microbial Biology)
  • Orion Weller (Natural Language Processing)
  • Virangika Wimalasena (Cell Biology)
  • Colin Yancey (Chemical Engineering)
  • Danielle Yarbrough (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)
  • Rebecca Yu (Biomedical Engineering)

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