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The holidays are coming - are you ready?

When considering holiday shopping for young children, it is tempting to gravitate to electronic games and devices; however, non-electronic materials are more likely to promote creativity and problem solving skills - and also occupy your child for longer periods of time. Electronic toys have been demonstrated to have a negative impact on social interaction and to contribute to problems with focused attention.  Open-ended materials allow children multiple ways to creative - good choices include building sets, art supplies, and puzzles.
Modified Operating Hours. Although we have moved into Phase III, the restrictions regarding visitors remain the same. We are continuing to adhere to our modified operating hours of 7:30 AM-4:15 PM. This is in alignment with licensing mandates, which prohibit us from having additional people in the building.
Parent Conferences. We will hold virtual parent conferences via Zoom in November. Be on the lookout for an email from your child's teacher to schedule.Please email your child's teacher with any questions prior to the conference to best utilize the time. 
Health Exclusion Policy. Please review the Pandemic Health Precautions & Procedures document. At this time, we must exclude any child who exhibits symptoms of COVID-19; however the criteria now has shfited to "symptom free and fever free with no medication for 24 hours" in order to return to school. We do require that your child either have a COVID-19 test or have a note from a doctor stating that there is an alternative diagnosis and a COVID-19 test is not warranted. We appreciate your patience as we adhere to our health exclusion criteria in order to keep children and staff safe and healthy.
ECELP Covid-19 Resources & Updates

Scholastic Online

Interested in purchasing books for you child? Visit Scholastic Book Club online for age-appropriate selections that are shipped right to your door. This also serves as a fund raiser for us to continually replenish our school library. 

Teacher of the Month

Lataree Spann, A.A., joined the ECELP in 2015, having worked in the field for over 20 years. She provides loving and stable care to young children, support to famiies and models recommended practices to countless students and observers. In her role of Director Designee, she serves as a resource in training and mentoring new staff. Lataree puts families at ease through her support and compassion and extends that same level of support to her colleagues. Join me in recognizing Lataree - she is an asset to the ECELP and the early childhood community!
Infant play Two infants interacting with blocks


Chilren in Infant I are dicovering how their actions have an effect on the environment and exploring materials through their senses. Children in Infant II enjoy a ride in the wagon while singing songs.
Young toddler1 Young toddlers interacting with one another

Young Toddlers

Young Toddler I & II enjoy making choices from different foods during their Fall Fest. Young Toddler III has been busy painting yellow apples, which encourages hand-eye coordination and develops fine motor skills from the movement of hands, wrists, and fingers. 

toddlers playing at table Toddler 1 painting


Toddler 1 uses blocks in play to make a pretend thermometer; this demonstrates both the abilty to think symbolically and and engage in sociodramatic play. Toddler II continues their study on "what do birds eat?" by creating bird feeders. 
Preschool aged student playing with blocks Preschool class interacting with each other during play
YPS 3 rock painting Preschool boys interacting with crafts Group of preschool boys painting together

Young Preschool

Young Preschool I has been exploring construction vehicles and rocks,  which shows flexibility and inventiveness in thinking. Young Preschool ll works together to create buildings, which promotes peer interaction and visual perception. Young Preschool III used their math skills to complete a cooking activity by counting the number of pepperonis they wanted on their pizzas. Young Preschool IV are practicing writing their names everyday; this promotes fine motor strength and coordination. Young Preschool IV has been busy making hobby horses; this activity demonstrates knowledge of the characteristics of living things, symbolic play, and exploring drama through actions and language.
Preschool 1 dinosaur 'eggs' PS2


Children in Preschool I use Q-Tips and glue to make skeletons, which helps promote their scientific exploration of living things. In Preschool II, children have been exploring with magnets. After testing out materials across the classroom, they discover that the magnets stick to the screws on their cubbies. This activity promotes demonstrating positive approaches to learning by showing curiosity and motivation.

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Baby tiger standing up ready to hug you with a purple heart on his chest

PAC Update

ECELP Parent Auxiliary Council (PAC)
The ECELP Parent Auxiliary Council (PAC) is looking for a vice-chair. This person will serve  as vice-chair in 2020-21 assisting the chair with PAC responsibilities and learning. Next year, this person will be chair of the PAC 2021-22. Interested? Please contact Catherine, PAC chair, at pac@lsu.edu for information and questions.
Are You in the Loop? All parents must give their class room parent permission to have their email address. Please let your teacher or room parent know if you want to be in the loop and stay on the class parent email list!

Thank you to our room parent volunteers! Contact your classroom’s room parent with any questions or ideas. Your room parent will reach out to you soon, if they have not already.

Infant I - Abby Simpson and MacKenzie McCarty-Nelson

Infant II - Mary "Chris" Barnes and Ana Orosco

Infant III - Lindsey Kelly

Young Toddler I - Alyssa Jacobs

Young Toddler  II - Megan Riedel

Young Toddler III - Gisele Allen and Mattie Sullivan

Toddler I - Erin Harmeyer

Toddler II - Suzy Caleo-Whitman

Young Preschool I - Lauren Lazaro

Young Preschool II - Catherine David

Young Preschool III - Christina Primo-Jourdan

Young Preschool IV - Bryan O'Neal

Young Preschool V - Meghan Hodges

Preschool I - Missy Korduner

Preschool II - Alexis Hebert

Don’t forget to download the Box Tops for Education app! Simply scan your receipts and earn cash for ECELP! We’ve only earned $1.90 this year.. we can do better!  

Calling All Parent Volunteers!

Last school year, 42 percent of LSU ECELP families joined together to contribute more than $12,000 through the Tiger Tots Annual Appeal. This was a 52% increase from the previous year, and the number of families also increased. This success would not be possible without our parent volunteers who joined together for the Annual Appeal Phone-a-Thon to reach out to fellow parents to ask for their support!

We need your help in making this year’s Annual Appeal a huge success! Click here to sign up to volunteer and our Associate Director of Development, Aimée Frierson, will be in touch with more details! 
YPS 3 rock painting Preschool boys interacting with crafts Group of preschool boys painting together
Outdoor Play at Home
Planning for a new backyard makeover or just want to check on the safety of your existing space? Be sure to review the Home Playground Safety Checklist from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Staying in Touch

We are here to serve you! You can reach out to us through the ECELP website.
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Baby tiger standing up ready to hug you with a purple heart on his chest
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