SEPTEMBER 26, 2019
Chair of house study committee questions Georgia’s rank for maternal deaths
Georgia Recorder
State lawmakers are taking a new look at why Georgia consistently ranks so poorly – and sometimes last – when it comes to maternal deaths and what can be done about it. READ MORE
New Georgia senator likely to break out of [Sen.] Isakson mold (mentions MAG)
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Georgia may be putting off a swing-state vibe, but signs indicate that U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson’s immediate replacement will be a Republican of the hard-core variety. | READ MORE
Public comment sought on Georgia doctors who don’t meet obligations (mentions MAG)
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The state board that regulates physicians is asking for public comment on a proposed rule that would protect the licenses of doctors who default on their student loans or fail to meet service obligations. | READ MORE
Lawmakers look to streamline indigent health care in Georgia
The Center Square
Georgia is considering ways to make charitable health services more widely available. A House study committee has been launched to examine the management of the state’s uncompensated health care system. | READ MORE
Cancer risks spark calls to replace ethylene oxide
Georgia Health News
Once again, the EPA is considering new restrictions on ethylene oxide sterilization because of the cancer risks it poses. | READ MORE
Congressional inaction on DSH program will hurt Georgia hospitals
Georgia Health News
While lawmakers in Washington debate the nuances of broader health care policy, uninsured Americans are still turning to local hospitals to access basic care, and those hospitals are still on the hook for the costs of that care. | READ MORE
Employer survey again shows higher costs for workers, firms
Georgia Health News
Health care costs for both companies and workers keep going higher, with no end in sight. A national survey released Wednesday reported that premiums for employer health plans for family coverage rose 5 percent this year. | READ MORE
What doctors must know about the vaping crisis
AMA Wire
New research shows that 40.5% of high-school seniors have tried nicotine vaping, adding urgency to President Trump’s announcement that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will take action to ban the e-cigarette flavorings that have proved so attractive to teens and young adults. | READ MORE
Physicians report high refusal rates for the HPV vaccine and need for improvement
Science Daily
Despite its proven success at preventing cancer, many adolescents are still not getting the HPV vaccine. A new study from shows that physicians' delivery and communication practices must improve to boost vaccination completion rates. | READ MORE
Georgia abortion opponents begin 40-day vigil outside area clinics
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The 40-day anti-abortion campaign, where volunteers are planning to stand outside the Planned Parenthood in Marietta and other locations across the country, began Wednesday and will last through Nov. 3. | READ MORE
[President] Trump signs order aimed at development of better flu vaccines
U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday signed an executive order aimed at spurring the development of better vaccines to protect against seasonal influenza as well as a potential pandemic flu outbreak. | READ MORE
How your care team can master the prediabetes conversation
AMA Wire
The AMA’s Diabetes Prevention Guide supports physicians and health care organizations in defining and implementing evidence-based diabetes prevention strategies. | READ MORE
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