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Visualize data better and tell a clear story
Stone Soup Creative: Visual Communications for Nonprofits
Chart Chooser cards
Flashcards help you choose the best visual format for your data
My Chart Chooser Cards just arrived! This simple tool makes infographic design and data analysis a little easier by making sure I choose the best graph type to illustrate my clients' data. Each card shows a chart type, a description, a visual example, when it is used, and what type of data set it's best for. 
5 simple ways to use infographics in your communications that will make people pay attention

Here’s five ideas – and lots of examples – of how you can use simple infographics in a report, email, presentation or other mode of communication to help people pay attention so they get your message. From the blog.
Community Carbon Exchange
Grounding an environmental startup with branding and visuals
Community Carbon Exchange (CCX) is an exciting initiative based in Bloomington, Indiana whose mission is to empower individuals to take control of their carbon footprint and receive rewards for those efforts. I worked with them in a branding brainstorming session to focus on the startup's current and future perceptions and gain the team's buy-in (above); and visually record a focus group discussion – working live on large poster paper – which helped people understand the CCX process (below). 
Community Carbon Exchange
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