Parishoner Reflection, Search Update, Mary Magdalene
Parishoner Reflection, Search Update, Mary Magdalene

While Christ Church is without a priest, individuals in our church family will be asked to contribute brief reflections to our monthly newsletter.

A Reflection
Hank Long
July 2021

Recently, I came across an article about a lifelong Sabbath-observant Orthodox Jew speaking about how the Covid-19 pandemic has strengthened her emotional relationship with the Sabbath. As a child, she found it hard to endure 24 hours of no TV, plowing through library books and hoping the pages would outlast the hours of the day. As an adult, however, it became the oasis from a hectic work week, a chance to reconnect with family over food and conversation. Covid elevated the experience to a whole new level. In the early weeks, she was glued to the news, wondering if her job would come back. It was hard to explain what it felt like systematically shutting down iPads, phones, a smartwatch and lap top in the seconds before sunset. But it soon became an incredible pleasure to shut out the media for 25 hours, and dreading the end of the day when the electronics came back to life. The mental and physical payoff for having a true day of rest became incalculable.

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A Search Committee Update
from Pat Walmsley

Christ Church,
July 1, 2021

As a church we are all anxious to have our minister guide us in our faith and our service to God. We are thankful for Hank Long who has taken on many tasks that extend beyond the “official” responsibilities of a senior warden. 

But it is important for your search committee to follow the guidelines from the diocese. We also want to make sure we recommend a person that will meet the needs of our parish. That takes time-more time than any of us may want. Johnathon Harris met with the search committee In June to discuss our work. As we have shared before, the number of candidates may be limited. As of June 30, we have received resumes from two candidates, but we are expecting one more soon. The diocese has pre-screened these applicants; we are currently reviewing the portfolios and will be scheduling interviews as soon as feasible.

Your members on the search committee had two “mock” interviews, we have our questions prepared for the application process, and we are ready to begin the next steps towards formal interviews. We take this responsibility of discernment seriously. We are committed to providing a recommendation based upon factors that will bring us a rector who can appreciate our past, provide for the daily circumstances of our present, and guide us to a sustainable future in our faith. 
Please continue to pray for your Search Committee and the Vestry as we move forward.

Mary Magdalene

The feast day of Mary Magdalene is July 22.  The Magdalene is the most interesting of saints—was she an apostle or a sinner, a wealthy woman or possessed by demons?   She is mentioned twelve times in the gospels, more than most of the apostles and more than any other woman.  In Luke 8, it is said that Mary Magdalene traveled with Jesus and helped support his ministry out of her wealth.  Luke 8 also states that seven demons had been driven out of her (also repeated in Mark 16).  All four gospels name her as a member of the group of women to first see the empty tomb and to witness Jesus’s resurrection. 
The identification of Mary Magdalene as a prostitute was the result of mistaken identity.  In the year 591, Pope Gregory I delivered a series of Easter sermons in which he confused Mary Magdalene (Luke 8) with Mary of Bethany (Luke 10) and an unnamed “sinful woman” (Luke 7).  This myth has persisted for centuries and is simply not true.  She is honored as the apostle to the apostles and close friend to Jesus during his ministry.  
- Lynn Gardner, Organist/Choirmaster
What's Happening at
Christ Episcopal Church?

Loaves and Fishes continues to serve to-go meals to the community.  Plans for a July 7 and 28 drive through meal  are in place with a skeleton crew under the dedicated leadership of David Cole.  We give thanks for Holy Trinity Lutheran which has been a partner with CEC during the pandemic offering household items and snacks that have been included in the to-go dinner bags.  For August, we will return to serving meals the last Wedensday of each month but still will offer only drive through service.  Your financial help is much appreciated. Links for all events are on the website homepage.  We are pleased to be back to worship in person!  Join us at 10:00 on Sunday mornings in June, July, and August.  Bible study is taking a break until fall.   Thanks to all!
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