The next Financial Stress Reduction® Teleclasses begin in February!
The next Financial Stress Reduction® Teleclasses begin in February!
Chellie Campbell, Financial Stress Reduction Speaker, Author, Coach

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How Big is Your But??
A friend of mine, Norah Walsh of Global Fitness, uses this line to begin her 30-second introduction at networking meetings – “How big is your ‘but’?”
It always makes me laugh, and I asked her if I could tweak it to share with you...
Because I'll bet you've heard a lot of BUTS from your clients.
You're excited and happy and want to work with more wonderful people! You send dozens of emails and newsletters, post on all the Social Media and related blogs. You network and pass out brochures and business cards. You give away free samples by the truckloads: consultations, speeches, e-books, audio recordings, teleclasses, video series, introductory programs, conferences, etc.
Your services are great, your products are great, your marketing is great!
All your prospects acknowledge that...and they really want to work with you...
...and then they say it...
“But I think I’d better wait until I have more money.”
"But my partner won't let me spend the money."
"But I have to get out of debt first."
"But I'm spending too much money now taking care of my (aging parents/young children/pets)"
"But I have to get a new (website/brochure/computer) first."
Believe me, I've heard every BUT there is.
So how do you CONVERT the PROSPECT into the CLIENT?!
You have to convince them that the FUTURE BENEFIT of your product or service is going to be WORTH MORE than the PAIN OF PARTING WITH THEIR MONEY NOW.
People can love you, admire you, think you're great, and they're really, truly, going to buy your products or services..."later". Or "someday" or "as soon as..."
"Someday" is not a day of the week.
How long do you think they've been waiting for the extra (time, money, energy) to just show up “someday”?
Let me give you a tip:
More money or time or energy doesn’t appear in anyone's life until they are willing to make the commitment to their next level of growth by investing money, time and energy in it.
But studies have shown that people are twice as afraid of losing money as they are hopeful of making money.
You have to be able to help your prospect to see beyond the NOW obstacle of not enough time energy or money to the FUTURE happiness where their problems are solved.
You have to give them COURAGE to LEAP INTO THEIR RICHER FUTURE instead of hanging back in their limited present because of their FEAR.
Can you do that?
For years, I've watched many wonderful people with terrific products and services avoid anything that even hints of SELLING.
Because people do it badly. SHARKS use hard selling to convince people to buy stuff they don't want, can't use, etc. like selling refrigerators to Eskimos.
Good DOLPHINS don't want to pressure anyone into buying, they don't want to bother people. So they make the opposite mistake - they don't reach out to talk to people who are prospective buyers at all!
But that's TUNA behavior - waiting and wishing and hoping people find you and talk themselves into buying your products and services on their own.
If you don't know how to help "Your People" past the obstacles to see the benefits of your product or service, you are leaving them alone in their fear trying to visualize that you can help them get what they need and want. They have to make the decision alone without all the information you can provide to help them make the right decision.
And then it's easier for them to just not make a decision and put it off until "later"...
Can you see that NOT talking with them about this isn't being nice, it's preventing them from making the leap to a better future?
Perhaps this is happening with your clients because you are doing the same thing in your own life.
What is it you want to do BUT your BUT is getting in the way?
If you’re happy with your current results, great! Keep on doing what you’re doing. I'm glad you're happy, successful, and rich!!
But if you think you could be even richer and happier - The Financial Stress Reduction® Workshop may be just the guidance, support, and help you’re looking for. For more than 25 years, I have been helping small business owners MAKE HUGE LEAPS IN THEIR INCOME and enjoy fabulous success and prosperity!
I created the 8-week Financial Stress Reduction® Workshop to help people get the shortcut to making more money and having more time off for fun - everything it took me years and many thousands of dollars to learn.
You deserve to be paid – and well paid – for the wonderful work you do. And you deserve to have lots of time off to enjoy your family, travel, nature, leisure, and the good life.
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You deserve to be paid - and well paid – for the wonderful work you do. And you deserve to have lots of time off to enjoy your family, travel, nature, leisure, and the good life at the same time. My life’s work is to help you get it!

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Love and blessings,

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