As described previously, most recently in the 18 August Tuesday Morning Notes, we submitted a request in late-April to Provost Folks and the University of Arizona (UA) Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Lisa Rulney, for an exemption of all the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension System (CES) employees paid on federal & state funding from the furlough and furlough-based salary reduction program.   Additionally, we concurrently requested an exemption from the budget reductions. 

The first week of August it was confirmed that the CES has been exempted from the budget reduction.

In addition, I am delighted to announce that on Wednesday morning, 26 August, CFO Rulney communicated that the UA senior leadership team has approved our request for the furlough exemption.

Therefore, the current statuses are:

•        20% Budget Reduction – the CES is officially Exempted

•        University Furlough Program – the CES is officially Exempted

Thank you for your ongoing support and patience in this process.

Jeffrey C. Silvertooth
Associate Dean 
Director for Extension and Economic Development
28 August 2020

“The Extension Parking Lot”

Arizona Cooperative Extension maintains regular lines of communication with unit leaders, including all County Extension Directors.  We’re collecting questions from all sources and those that do not have an immediate response or require further clarification or investigation are being documented to communicate.  We are placing this information in the “Extension Parking Lot” for access and review.

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