Crypto regulation gets even messier, the battle over drug price negotiation
Crypto regulation gets even messier, the battle over drug price negotiation

Regulation Digest
September 6, 2023
Vol. 12, No. 36
Editor: Nate Thompson
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Agency Rulemaking Highlights

Notable Actions

Transportation of LNG by Rail
The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration issued a final rule amending its regulations to suspend authorization of liquefied natural gas (LNG) transportation in rail tank cars. The suspension is pending the earlier of either completion of a companion rulemaking evaluating potential modifications to requirements governing rail tank car transportation of LNG, or June 30, 2025. Effective October 31.
Visas: Ineligibility Based on Public Charge
The Department of State has decided not to finalize the regulatory amendments made by the 2019 interim final rule titled “Visas: Ineligibility Based on Public Charge Grounds.” The interim final rule has been obsoleted by updated standards of the Department of Homeland Security. Effective October 5. 
Veterans and Exposure to Fine Particulate Matter
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is adopting with changes its interim final rule that governs the presumptive service connection based on exposure to fine particulate matter. The final rule eases the evidentiary burden of Gulf War Veterans who file claims with VA for asthma and related conditions. Effective October 31. 
Minimum Staffing Standards for Long-Term Care Facilities
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is proposing minimum staffing standards to promote safety and quality of care in long-term care facilities. Comments due November 6. 
Affordable Connectivity Program
The Federal Communications Commission issued a final rule establishing discounts available for monthly broadband services provided in high-cost areas by participants in the Affordable Connectivity Program. The program allows broadband services to provide a monthly benefit of up to $75 to eligible households in locations deemed as high-cost areas, aiming to narrow the digital divide. Effective October 2. 
Energy Conservation Standards
The Department of Energy (DoE) published a direct final rule establishing new energy conservation standards for air cleaners. Effective August 9, with compliance required beginning December 31. 
DoE is also proposing new energy conservation standards for walk-in coolers and consumer boilers. Comments due November 6 and October 13, respectively.
The George Washington University
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