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Everyone had a great time for a great cause at the Pet Masquerade Party. More than $2500.00 was raised for the spay/neuter voucher program and the Humane Society. We have many people to thank but first and foremost we would like to thank Matt and Lisa Gardi for hosting this event at the Bowery Station. The perfect venue for a great time. We also want to thank Seadog Brewing Company... for providing delicious refreshment, Jenny Odom for the 1st place pet portrait, Mandi Sanger for her pet photog talent and Debi Jordan for her musical as well as MC performance. A shout out to our volunteers who got the party started and kept it going strong the entire time. And of course to all the businesses and individuals who contributed items/services to the silent auction.....THANK YOU!

Mary Stutzman, Apal Airboat Adventures, Sponge Exchange, Apalach Waters, Lighthouse, Glynda Ratliff, Beach Pit, Beach Trader, Oyster City Brewing Co, Artemis Gallery, Go Fish, Up the Stairs, Tamara's, Apalachicola Riverkeepers, Owl Café, The Tin Shed, John Spohrer, Charming Comforts, 13 Mile Seafood, Stuffed Owl, A La Carte, Steve Kearney, Susan Kearney, Oysterbones, Harbor Point Realty, Elaine Kozlowsky, Ann and Tom Siculiano, Survivors, Sometmes It's Hotter, Ron Dickey, Dr. Hobson Fulmer

Simon Landiss was the first place winner wearing "Somethins Climbin Simon".

Santa has a special day devoted to hearing wishes from his furry friends on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 29th in Apalachicola from 1:00-3:30 at Riverside Park. 
There will be a pet costume contest at 3:00 and special treats for dogs. Bring your camera and make a $5.00 donation to the Franklin County Humane Society and have your pets photo taken with Santa.
If you are considering adopting a pet in time for the holidays, we will have adoptable pets available for your consideration as well as hats and t-shirts for purchase.  
So plan to make a day of it by visiting Santa and shopping in all the wonderful shops and boutiques in Apalach!
This is one of three nursing litters we have here at the adoption center right now. The litter above is 5 weeks old and being weaned.  The other two litters are 4 weeks old and will be starting the weaning process soon.
Keep in mind the holidays are right around the corner so if you are thinking of adopting a kitten for your child, now is the time to pick the one you want. They won't be ready for another 4-6 weeks but that's purrfect timing for Santa!
Polar was brought to us 2 months ago at 9 months old.  He had a severe case of mange and a terrible bacterial infection.  In the picture above left, you can see how hot the skin looked and how little hair he had remaining.  Polar was going to be a "project" but we knew with time, attention and treatment, his outside would be as beautiful as his inside.
Polar was dipped every other week and was given antibiotics daily.  Soon his skin was much less red and before we knew it, his coat was growing back. He tolerated the dips and looked forward to his pills (we gave them to him in wet cat food) and 2 months later, he looks like a different dog all together.
Polar is now available for adoption.  He is a beautiful, happy and social little guy who has put in his time and is ready for his forever home!  Is that your home?
We will be at the Senior Center this Saturday as soon as it is warm enough to take our adoptable pets.  We are anticipating a noon set-up time.  Please take a moment to visit our booth and meet some of our fantastic pets, purchase a t-shirt or cap or leave a donation.   We hope to see you there!
Missy, Heidi and Sadie were all adopted by the same family but not at the same time or for the same reasons.  Here's their story:
Missy (left) was brought to us by animal control with her 3 month old puppy in tow.  As always, the pup was quickly adopted so we were waiting for an adopter for her when in came a lovely couple who were vacationing on SGI and had seen Missy's picture online.  They came for a visit, fell in love and decided to adopt. We had to have her spayed before she could be released so we made the appointment and the couple made plans to pick her up the afternoon of her surgery.
They arrived to get Missy when they spied Heidi (middle) in one of our outdoor pens. Heidi was being housed there because she could escape from every single kennel we had put her in except this one.  Heide was a stray and was a timid and anxious girl without a mean bone in her body.
As we were finalizing Missy's adoption with the wife, the husband went out and spent some time with Heidi.  He must have sensed her need for a secure and loving home because the day they  were leaving to drive home with Missy, they stopped back in and said they wanted to adopt Heidi as well.  Heidi was heartworm positive. We had to have her treated before release.  Hearing that a dog is heartworm positive has ended more than one potential adoption, but this couple wasn't fazed. We decided on a plan of action, had Heidi treated and she was ready to go home a month later.
We received a phone call from the family informing us of their arrival date to get Heidi (they were traveling from Orlando) and inquiring about another dog they had seen at the shelter that last day they had stopped in before driving home. Unbeknown to us, they had noticed a very scared and cowering little dog in the other outdoor pen, Sadie (right).  At that time, Sadie had only been at the shelter a couple of days, was very stressed and had not acclimated to her new surroundings.  Her obvious fear and confusion touched their hearts and neither could stop thinking of her.
Sadie was much improved and was coming out of her shell  but had garnered no interest from anyone.  We feared she might be one of those dogs that stayed at the shelter for a long time.  We shouldn't have worried.  Once again, this amazing couple felt compelled to offer this sad, sweet girl a place in their home next to Missy and Heidi and their other two dogs.
Below is a picture of our girls in their new home.  They may be an unlikely looking group of dogs but the ties that bind are made of love, kindness and acceptance.  These adopters could see through the fear and anxiety into the hearts of three very lucky shelter dogs.  We wish we could clone this couple!

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