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Nationals Newsletter
Nationals Newsletter
May 29, 2018 | A weekly publication of the National Speech & Debate Association

Dear Student, 

Don't miss your chance to meet our Middle School Coach of the Year and High School Administrator of the Year below! Plus, we share a new sneak peek at the final round venue and tournament reminders. 

Middle School Coach of the Year 

We're thrilled to announce that Monica Salda is the 2018 Middle School Coach of the Year! Monica's students say she always encourages them to try their hardest and never doubt what they can do. Congratulations, Monica!
"Ms. Salda cultivated something very powerful in my young daughter – she taught her to use her voice to impact those around her. In a culture where young girls often hide themselves, Ms. Salda, and the experiences she provides through speech and debate, taught my daughter that her voice and her ideas matter and that speaking up, being confident, taking chances, working hard – these values matter. Ms. Salda is exactly the role model I would have chosen for my daughter, and I will be eternally grateful that as she emerges into a young woman, she will do so with the grace and strength fostered by Ms. Salda’s mentorship." 
-- Bonnie, Sacred Heart Catholic School Parent 

Competition Site Change - Big Questions Debate 

Big Questions Debate has moved from Western High School to Cypress Bay High School. For more information, visit our Nationals page and select Tentative High School Tournament Event Schedules.

West Broward High School Travel Notice

When you are traveling to West Broward High School from downtown Fort Lauderdale, you will be taking I-595/I-75. The exit for West Broward High is Exit 23 for US Highway 27. This is the last exit in inhabited Broward County! If you miss this exit, you will be in the Everglades and will add an hour to your travel time. Be sure to take Exit 23

Sneak Peek at #Nats18

In the video below, NSDA Executive Director Scott Wunn shows you around the Convention Center and gives you a preview of the final round venue! 

High School Administrator of the Year 

Congratulations to Scott Looney, the 2018 High School Administrator of the Year! Scott is Head of School at Hawken School and a strong supporter of their speech and debate program! 
"Scott routinely praises not only the accomplishments of our team, but also the importance of speech and debate to our community and learning environment. In fact, as the parent of a former debater, Scott frequently shares his belief that speech and debate may be the most valuable extra-curricular activity offered at Hawken and other schools, because it prepares students to excel in the real world by giving them concrete skills that they can build on. Scott understands the gift that we all work tirelessly to give our students each season and is a true champion for our speech and debate community."
-- Bob Shurtz and Chase Williams, Hawken School Coaches

Access Your Resources

World Schools Debate » Prepare for World Schools Debate at the National Tournament with a special webinar from the USA Debate Team members and coaches! This webinar, presented by the Global Debate Symposium, addresses prepared motions. Check it out here!
Policy Debate » Get a jump start on the 2018-2019 debate season or file this information away for later use! Resource Package subscribers can access an affirmative from our friends at Monument Publishing on next year's topic, Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce its restrictions on legal immigration to the United States. 
International Extemp » You can refresh your files with a new set of International Extemp resources from the Council on Foreign Relations! This collection includes four pages of articles ranging from Russia’s resurgence to disruptive technologies and the world order. 

NSDA Store Orders

We're packing up all our merchandise for #Nats18! Any online orders placed between June 6 and July 6 will be shipped the week of July 10. Make sure you stop by the Speech and Debate Store in room 315/316 of the Convention Center for some great new merchandise! 
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