October 2016

REMINDER:  New Overtime Rules take effect December 1, 2016

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) provides two types of coverage, enterprise and individual, for nonprofits. It is important to understand the requirements in order to ensure your organization’s compliance. There are several options available to nonprofit employers for complying with the new salary threshold.  The Department of Labor (DOL) does not specify which options are preferred.  Please refer to the most recent DOL publication on the overtime rules as they relate to nonprofits. DOL and FLSA

Focus on Furniture

When Edelstein & Company recently renovated its office space, we had office furniture that was in good condition, but it didn’t conform to the new design of our space.  We contacted The Furniture Trust, a Boston-based nonprofit, which helped us donate our office furniture.  Since its founding in 2008, generous corporate contributors have donated more than $8,000,000 worth of office furniture to The Trust, benefitting over 350 local nonprofits and schools.
Here’s a brief summary of how The Furniture Trust works.  The Furniture Trust is driven to make a positive, community impact with used office furnishings, while providing the most economical and environmentally responsible solutions to local businesses. They provide companies of all sizes with a proven process for decommissioning that maximizes the value of unwanted furniture assets.   The Furniture Trust connects nonprofit organizations with excess office furnishings and much needed financial support from local businesses every day, thanks to their sustainable network.  Nonprofits and schools receive essential office furnishings that make their staff and services more efficient, while investing more of their resources on their mission and improving the lives of others.
Whether you’re looking to acquire or dispose of furniture, the contact page on their website can get you started.

Robots, Robots Everywhere

Roomba® and drones are not only being used in manufacturing.  These devices have become smarter, faster and cheaper, and they’re starting to branch into other industries, including financial services.  Robots are being utilized in finance departments to perform repeatable, standardized functions that have been historically done by people.  What makes the technology so appealing is that it isn’t expensive, so companies are finding a rapid ROI with very low risk.  Please read more by following the hyperlink.
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