August 2021 Edition of the Mass Golf Monthly Newsletter for Women
August 2021 Edition of the Mass Golf Monthly Newsletter for Women
Rebecca Skoler is more than just a good golfer
WATCH: Rebecca Skoler is not only a standout golfer, but she is an agent of change who looks to make a lasting impact at each stage of her "game".
7 Tips To Prep For Your Next Round
READ: Before you go out and play again, check out these 7 different things you can do to prepare ahead of the next round.
More Female Rules Officials
READ: Our female Rules Officials took different paths to their position, but they all have done it as a way to give back to the game. 
It's time to get schooled on the Rules of Golf, Course Rating and Slope, World Handicap System, and lots of other information you may need to retain.
Rules of Golf
READ: Christine Veator, Rules Official and Board Member for Mass Golf, explains the basic premise of a relief area, so that you can better understand relief options under the Rules.
Make the time to work on your physical fitness and to feed your mind. You deserve it and there are plenty of studies that show that you need it.
Get a bigger turn in your swing
WATCH: Kathy Ekdahl demonstrates five exercises you can do at home to give yourself a more powerful rotation in your golf swing.
Raspberry Lime Mojito Recipe
TRY: Mocktail or Cocktail? You get to decide with this delicious Raspberry Lime Mojito recipe!
Titleist Golf Tips
WATCH: Titleist Staff Member Trillium Rose uses the custom Red T alignment aid on her Pro V1 to line up her putt with confidence. Taking the guesswork out of aiming will free you up to think only of speed. You'll make smoother strokes and your golf ball will find the bottom of the cup much more often.  
Mass Golf Member Trip to Bandon Dunes
TRIP OF A LIFETIME: Join Mass Golf on a pilgrimage to Bandon Dunes in August 2022. Limited Spots Available! 
Naomi's Post of the Month
READ: Check out Naomi's Post of the Month with topics ranging from goal setting to the female golf experience and so much more.

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