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The Eastpoint fire two weeks ago was devastating for almost 40 homeowners and their pets.  The fire moved so quickly that residents had little time to get themselves and their animals to safety.  Some of the animals had to make it out on their own.
The Humane Society safely housed 18 animals that were displaced due to the fire.  All have been reclaimed with the exception of one dog, a litter of kittens and a litter of pups that was owner surrendered.  Thankfully and miraculously, none were injured by the fire.
Our community came together in a big way and we would like to thank everyone who contibuted food, supplies and cash donations to help with the care of the animals we are housing here and those being housed with their displaced families.
We often write about the pets that end up here in poor condition.  Those that are injured. Those that are sick or suffering from parasites. Those that have been neglected or abused.  Well today, we want to highlight 6 absolutely healthy, happy, well adjusted pups that we are housing at this time.
We are pleased to introduce you to Jenny, Missy, Marc, Jamie, Dixie and Puff.  They range from 6 months to a year in age.  They are all heartworm negative, social, and love to interact.  These six are proof positive that you can find the most amazing dogs in a shelter.  No need to buy!
The beauty of adopting a slightly older pup is you know what you're getting.  You know how big it will get,  the temperament and personality.  They are often times house trained but if not, much easier to train.  They are through much of the "puppy" stage and your shoes and furniture have a greater chance of survival (although they still need supervision)!
We invite you to come to the shelter to meet the SENSATIONAL SIX  if you are looking to adopt and ask you to please share this newsletter with others who may be interested.
Wilson is a 2 year old Lhasa/terrier mix who is in need of a foster or adopter who understands a dog that needs to be socialized.  Wilson only knew the backyard of his home and had little if any true contact with the owner.  He has no life experience.
When he first arrived, he wouldn't approach when he saw us, he'd just run to the corner and try to hide.  Over time he began greeting us and darting to the front of the kennel for a quick kiss on the hand.  He has made progress on a leash and even enjoys sitting on our laps for a brushing.
Having said all of that, Wilson still needs work.  He has the potential to be a great companion pet and possibly the king of the dog park but he needs to be introduced to new situations slowly with a patient and loving person.  
If you find him as irrisistbable as we do and would like to adopt or foster him, please call 850-670-8417.
Bernie was the Lab mix pup that was brought to us with severe burns.  Someone had poured hot grease or oil on him and he was found wandering around a neighborhood in the condition you see above.  
The Sheriff was notified and our Veterinarian, along with many others, offered a reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible.  No one came forward.  No one was arrested.
Bernie received treatment for his burns.  Antibiotics and daily bandage changes along with lots of TLC from staff and volunteers.  After several weeks, he had healed enough to be made available for adoption.
We felt it was in his best interest to transfer him to SPCA Tampa Bay and they were willing to find him just the right home, especially after hearing his story.
Unfortunately we don't have a picture of him with his adopters but he was adopted a few days after he was placed on the adoption floor.  Below are two pictures of him a couple days before he was transferred.  As you can see,  his scarring was minimal considering the severity of his burns. 
Bernie has begun a new chapter in his life in a comfortable home with loving people.  The kind of home every pup should have.
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