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Committee Info Night
Mar 20th
@215 N. Warrior Lane
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Spirit Night
April 4th
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Golf Fundraiser 
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5K YoungLives Fun Run 
June 24th
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Young Life

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Mar 2nd
Apr 2nd & 16th
@ YL Office

March 25th
April 15th 
@ Waukee YMCA
@ Westchester Church
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"Young Life is a group of people committed to the idea of winning a hearing with kids for the greatest story ever told" 

-Jim Rayburn
Young Life Camp
Clearwater Cove
June 18th-24th
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WyldLife Camp
Clearwater Cove
July 11th-15th
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YoungLives Camp
Timber Wolf Lake Camp
June 16th-21st
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This month's highlight is...
Contact Work
What is contact work? 
Because kids don't care how much you know till they know how much you care, Young Life leaders show they care by going wh
ere kids are, meeting them as they are, believing in who they can be. Within Young Life we call the persistent going out into the world of kids "contact work," but kids just call it friendship.​
We didn't make up the idea of contact work.  It comes straight from scripture: John 1:14 says "The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood..."  We follow Jesus' example and go where the kids are.
Teens at WyldLife had to direct their teammates through a maze of objects to find their shoes. 
Young Life Club
Wednesday nights are filled with laughs, crazy singing and leaders sharing their lives with teens and introducing teens to Jesus. Club has met in teens' homes, apartment clubhouses and the Waukee Community Center. The picture above is from Kidnap club where students and leaders hopped in cars and drove around to pick up teens (with permission of course). That night we had the largest group with over 50 teens and leaders. Zoe did a fantastic job sharing about her life and Jesus' encounter with the woman at the well from John chapter 4. 
-A note from our Area Director -
Spring is here!!  
Well, March is here and I am so excited about what is to come.
1. On the 20th Dave Goy (our Young Life Regional Director) is coming to Waukee to share about committee and the need for adults to volunteer on committee. 
2. We have two teens potentially going on summer work crew giving 3-4 weeks serving at a Young Life camp.
3. Leaders and student leaders have been leading almost all of Young Life Club this year and they are doing awesome. 
4. March through May will be filled with contact work by going to where teens are: Track meets, volunteering at Waukee High School and Timberline, intramurals and things like just grabbing coffee together.
5. Our Golf Outing is getting planned! If you want to help volunteer, golf, or sponsor please just let us know. 
Throughout the month of March we are working to sign teens up for Young Life camps. This is so important because camp gives teens the chance to experience who Jesus really is and for sure, it will be the best week of their life. 
Thank you for being a part of this journey.
John Ritchey
Area Director

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