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New look, new work, new reads, new resources!
New look, new work, new reads, new resources!
New look, new work, new reads, new resources!
Stone Soup Creative
Notice the new look? I've always been one for getting directly to the point (blunt, even!), so from now on I'll stop beating around the bush and get right to the good stuff. Enjoy! -Julia
How to create an Ideal Audience Persona: three reasons & a worksheet
Knowing who you are as an organization and how you are perceived is a critical part of the branding process. Once you’ve got a handle on your mission, vision, values, and messages (hey, congrats!), you’ll want to start disseminating your brand identity to the world. But do you really know who you’re trying to reach? [This article is also featured on NTEN's Connect blog for their June issue on storytelling
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I want to make sure that I'm only sending emails to my readers who are reading them, and getting useful tips on nonprofit branding, design and marketing. Before I clean up my list and remove folks who aren't opening my emails, I want to double check with you first. I hope you'll stay, but if you don't really want to be on my list anymore, just click the red button below. I'm not offended by unsubscribes. And you can still always see what I'm up to on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook.
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Three Things Great Data Storytellers Do Differently
In Three Things Great Data Storytellers Do Differently from Stanford Social Innovation Review, Jake Porway of DataKind suggests that we need to help our audiences understand the “so what,” not just show the numbers.  
Read the things great data storytellers do differently
O'Day Studios branding project
O'Day Studios is a health and wellness center in Michigan that practices a form of bodywork called Gyrotonic Training. Even though the studio has dozens of raving, loyal clients who have experienced tremendous benefits, getting new students into the place has been a huge challenge. The problem is, no one knows what Gyrotonic is, and Julie, the owner was having a heck of a time getting the word out. Learn how Stone Soup worked with Julie O'Day and her team to overcome this branding challenge.
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Brand Recipe E-Book
Want to take charge of your brand and achieve your marketing goals? Learn how with the Brand Recipe, a simple process that will help your organization be authentically you - something no other group can be.
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