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Tickets to the SGI Brewfest, to be held on Saturday, April 30th, are no longer available on line.  The ONLY way to buy the few remaining tickets is to come to the HOEDOWN on Friday night between 6pm-8pm in Apalach or to go to PADDY'S on SGI before close on Friday night.  Tickets are now $50.00 each.
The Humane Society will have a table set up at the Hoedown where  you may purchase tickets and t-shirts.  All food sales the evening of the Hoedown are being donated to the Humane Society.
The Brewfest is offering a shuttle from Oyster City Brewing Company in Apalach to Paddy's on SGI during the Brewfest.  This will allow all participants to safely sample all the beer they would like while attending the Brewfest. 
You don't want to miss any of the fun this weekend so hurry and purchase your tickets today!
The third annual Forgotten Coast Paddle Jam Festival is being held May 20-22 in Apalachicola.  This is a festival which promotes paddle sports and community awareness.  
On Saturday, May 21, the Humane Society will be in attendance to promote and educate people about the needs of our homeless pets.  We will have pets available for adoption as well as low-cost spay/neuter vouchers available for residents of the county.
Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 21st and be sure to attend this fun-filled, music-filled, paddle driven event!
Due to the high number of cats we are housing at this time, we are continuing our barn cat program.  Adopting a barn cat is an excellent way to rid your barn, shed or garage of unwanted rodents such as mice and rats.
We have several fully vetted, healthy but not very social cats that will make great "barn cats".  They aren't feral, just not real interested in people and that's why they haven't been adopted. We need all the room we can get as kitten season has arrived in spades! Their adoption fee has been waived!
MAE came to us as a stray via Animal Control.  Upon intake it was glaringly obvious that she was a very special dog.  She had the manners of a princess, the face of an angel and the temperament of a saint.  She was smart, attentive, eager to please and gentle.  She screamed "therapy dog".
We posted her information on line and waited.   A few weeks passed before we received an inquiry about her from a school counselor. She was looking for a potential therapy dog she could take with her to school to work with the children.  PERFECT!
She came to the shelter and fell in love with Mae at first sight.   She had  to discuss the adoption with her partner and said she would get back to us.  We received the call that he had agreed and that she would be adopting.  In addition, she informed us that the school secretary and her good friend was a certified dog trainer and had agreed to train Mae.
Mae moved in with the trainer for 7 weeks while she was taught all she needed and more to pass the Canine Good Citizen test.  She is now scheduled to take the Therapy Dog International test at the end of this month.  Her owner said she could have passed it weeks ago.  No one has any doubt that she will ACE IT!
Mae is a prime example of the kind of dog it is possible to find in a shelter.  If you are looking for a dog for a particular job, please consider going to a shelter or rescue to find that dog.  Chances are good that you will find what you are looking for and save a life!
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