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  1. Sarah Gillooly is the next General Secretary of Baltimore Yearly Meeting
  2. Register for Annual Session 2021
  3. Sixth Month 2021 Interim Meeting is June 12 (this Saturday)
  4. Committees, Working Group, and Worshiping Community Happenings
    1. General Secretary Transition Information
    2. Friends Women's Association in Burundi Presentation
    3. FMW Prayer Series: Buddhist Prayer
    4. FMW Sponsors a "Conversation on Activism and Contemplative Life"
    5. Peace and Social Concerns Committee Summer Newsletter
    6. May STRIDE Newsletter
    7. Updated Marriage Provisions for Faith and Practice
    8. “The personhood of Whites … the burden of their bias” - Thinking About Race for June 2021
  5. Friends Organization Happenings
    1. Better Than Good: Seven Testimonies for Quaker Caregiving with Windy Cooler
    2. 100 Faith Leaders for 100% Clean Energy
    3. Friends United Meeting Virtual Trienniel Gathering Information
    4. Soldiers Without Guns: Film Screening and Discussion
    5. Firefly Midsummer's Night Hike at Friends Wilderness Center
    6. Quaker Spring: Experiencing the Inward Christ Together
  6. Events and Resources
    1. Yearly Meeting Events
    2. Local Worshiping Community Events
    3. 2020 Yearbook and Subsequent Minutes
    4. Spring 2021 Interchange
    5. 2020 Firecircle
    6. Friends United Meeting Newsletter
    7. Friends World Committee for Consultation World Office Newsletter
    8. Quaker Voluntary Service June Newsletter
    9. Pendle Hill Events
  7. Employment Opportunities
    1. QUNO New York invites applications for the position of Director
    2. Friends Committee on National Legislation Seeking next General Secretary
    3. FCNL Inaugurates Director of Friends Place on Capitol Hill
    4. QVS Seeking Coordinators for Boston and Minneapolis
    5. Sandy Spring Friends Meeting Seeks Meeting Coordinator
General Secretary Transition Information
Supervisory Committee is working with Wayne Finegar and Sarah Gillooly to determine an appropriate transition and overlap period between them. More information will be announced as it is available.
“The personhood of Whites … the burden of their bias”
Thinking about Race (June 2021)
“White people in America tend to assume, at a deep level, that America’s economic, governmental and legal systems are roughly fair. This, after all, is how people such as me generally experience them. And this allows for facile, sometimes unconscious, judgments. Because American systems seem fair, it must be individuals’ fault when they are poor, powerless or imprisoned.
“It is a failure of imagination that leads to the persistence of injustice. People for whom the system works have a hard time understanding the lasting, disastrous economic consequences of centuries of stolen labor, or the continuing legacy of disenfranchisement and voter suppression, or the fear generated by policing that targets and dehumanizes minorities.
“Focusing on such systemic injustice is not the recent result of ‘wokeness.’ It is unavoidable when a country’s treatment of some groups is dramatically at odds with its national ideals.
“So the accusation of systemic injustice is hardly new. But the reaction of civil rights leaders such as King was remarkable. Rather than judging America beyond hope, they loved it for what it might someday become: a multiracial society of equal justice and opportunity. Opposing racism was not only a method to confront injustice; it was also a way to help reclaim the personhood of Whites, who could finally lay down the burden of their bias.”
From “How to confront systemic racism? Heed the call of Martin Luther King,” by columnist Michael Gerson, Washington Post, April 22, 2021. (
This column is prepared by the BYM Working Group on Racism (WGR) and sent to the designated liaisons at each Monthly and Preparative Meeting for publication in their newsletter or other means of dissemination. The WGR meets most months on the first Saturday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, at various Meetings. If you would like to attend, on a regular or a drop-in basis, contact clerk David Etheridge.
Updated Marriage Provisions of Faith and Practice
The latest draft revision to the marriage provisions of Faith and Practice prepared by the Faith and Practice Committee, dated February 21, 2021, is available here. This draft is being provided to Monthly Meetings and other BYM groups for comment, and will be available in the Faith and Practice Section of the BYM website. The Faith and Practice Committee email address is
Since April 2020, two earlier drafts of this document have been sent to Monthly Meetings and other BYM groups for input, and the comments received have been faithfully incorporated. At this point in the revision process, the Faith and Practice Committee will only accept substantive comments from Monthly Meetings and other BYM groups regarding matters that would prevent approval of this section of Faith and Practice. Deadline for comments will be May 14th (before the June Interim Meeting). At Sixth Month 2021 Interim Meeting on June 12, an advance copy will be presented (in preparation for second reading at Annual Session). Any substantive issues that the Faith and Practice Committee cannot resolve on its own will be referred to the Yearly Meeting officers to determine next steps.
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