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April 26, 2022

  1. Message from Interim Director Ed Martin
  2. Continuing Status and Promotion Workshop for University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Faculty
  3. Assistant Agent, 4-H Youth Development Position (Willcox, AZ)
  4. Range Monitoring 101 Workshop
  5. Arizona Project WET releases Arizona Groundwater Video Series
  6. CCT Workshop Wednesdays: Dates and times in R
  7. Discovery Fridays - Developing Regional Partnerships: Science, Conservation and Culture

Message from the Interim Director of Extension

Recently, I was reminded of the time and effort that Extension faculty and staff spend on both faculty and staff searches. Starting with the paperwork to get approval to fill a position, to selection and approval of a search committee, reviewing applicants, interviewing candidates, and then reviewing the evaluations submitted. The process often involves several people, in several departments, working towards the common goal of hiring the best person for our clientele and our University. This is undoubtedly one of our most important service activities for UArizona. We also have clientele who participate in these searches, who take time from their jobs and families to help Extension find the right person, in the right office.  I am well aware of the time commitment for those involved in these searchers. Rest assured, your time is well spent and greatly appreciated by myself and everyone in Extension. Perhaps I should have started with  this – “Thank you for your time and commitment to Extension.”

Continuing Status and Promotion Workshop for University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Faculty

May 23 12:30-4:45pm
to May 24 8:00am-12:45pm

Maricopa County Extension Office, Phoenix, AZ; and Online via Zoom

Registration is Open! 
Link for In-Person Registration: https://uarizona.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0JnG9JccPk8oAvk

Link for online Zoom Registration: https://arizona.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMkcuutrz0pHdXlMRRocamr1zh6FqU8GN1x

If you are an assistant agent or specialist (pre 3rd year retention or 6th year mandatory review), associate agent/specialist considering going up to full agent, or a CED with faculty going through the promotion process, please join us May 23-24 at the Maricopa County Extension office for a workshop on Putting Together a Successful Promotion Packet. We will discuss the most important sections of the packet (the CV, the Candidate Statement, and the Service and Outreach Portfolio), as well as go through the packet process and timeline, and discuss the roles of the agent and the CED in successfully submitting a packet. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion. This is an in-person workshop, however if you are unable to attend in person a hybrid option is available. 

There is no charge for this workshop, however please make your own hotel and travel arrangements.

Please register by Friday, May 13th so we can have an accurate count for breakfast/lunch/snacks.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Jones (ckjones@arizona.edu), Ashley Wright (awright143@arizona.edu) or Patty Merk (pmerk@arizona.edu).
 We hope to see you (or “see” you) there 😊

Assistant Agent, 4-H Youth Development Position (Willcox, AZ) (Req9530)

Cochise County Cooperative Extension is looking to fill the position of continuing eligible Assistant Extension Agent in 4-H Youth Development. This position provides youth in Cochise County with non-formal educational opportunities designed to help them develop into productive and engaged citizens. This position will provide leadership to grow a large, multi-layer volunteer organization that delivers high-quality youth development programming through a wide variety of content areas.

See job posting for additional details

Range Monitoring 101 Workshop

Please save the date on Thursday, May 26, 2022 for a Rangeland Monitoring 101 Workshop at Deep Well Ranch, near Prescott, AZ.

This workshop will cover the fundamental concepts and basics of monitoring rangelands. Topics to be covered include:
      Goals of Monitoring/Key Area Concept
    •  Ecological Site Descriptions (ESDs)
    •  Terrestrial Ecological Unit Inventory (TEUI)
    •  Production/Utilization
    •  Trend Monitoring
    •  Drought Planning

Public Land Management Agency Professionals and Ranchers are highly encouraged to attend. More details will be forthcoming as they get worked out. Please contact Andrew Brischke at: brischke@cals.arizona.edu for more information.

Arizona Project WET releases Arizona Groundwater Video Series

A deep dive into our hidden resource: Arizona project WET is excited to share this groundwater video series with our extension colleagues. APW worked with Esser Design to produce this series of 9 videos about our groundwater system through ADWR sponsorship. In this thought-provoking video series, we unearth the secrets of how and where groundwater accumulates, the processes for bringing it to the surface, and how we manage our water resources throughout the state. We hope that our extension colleagues will find these useful in your work—and if so, please tell us about it! (hhilburn@arizona.edu)

Groundwater Videos

CCT Workshop Wednesdays: Dates and times in R

Instructor: Jessica Guo
Date and time: April 27, 11am - 1pm, virtual

Objective: Understand and utilize date and time objects in R

Ever get stuck when reading in or converting dates and times in R? April's workshop will introduce how dates and times are represented in R. We will also explore time zone conversions and date-time components with the 'lubridate' package. Please bring any challenges with dates and times that have stymied you in the past, as the workshop will end with a help session. 

Software: R/RStudio, 'dplyr', 'readr', and 'lubridate'  

Register here

Discovery Fridays

Developing Regional Partnerships: Science, Conservation and Culture

University of Arizona
Santa Rita Experimental Range 
April 29th 2022, 10:00-11:00AM

Santa Cruz Valley Heritage Alliance

Please join us as we explore the Santa Cruz Valley National Heritage Area (SCVNHA). A newly designated National Heritage Area. The Santa Cruz Valley has been congressionally recognized for its natural and cultural beauties and wonders. The SCVNHA honors and celebrates the natural environment, cultural traditions, historic places, and working landscapes of the watershed of the Santa Cruz River in Pima and Santa Cruz counties in southern Arizona. One of the most unique regions of the world, the SCVNHA is filled with captivating landscapes from the sky islands to the desert seas and unique features such as birding sites and cultural focuses. Join our lecture to learn all about the SCVNHA and the things that make our region so special.

Please use this link to register for the free webinar:

New Extension Publications

Ranch-Scale Drought Monitoring Tools for Arizona
Michael  Crimmins, Andrew Brischke, Ashley L. Hall and Mitchel McClaran

Drought can impact ranching operations in numerous ways from directly reducing seasonally available water and forage to increasing wildfire risk and causing long-term impacts to rangelands. Monitoring weather and climate across a ranch can be a useful management tool when coupled with a detailed drought mitigation plan to anticipate impacts and trigger adaptive management decisions such as changing your grazing rotation schedule or in extreme circumstances, culling decisions (Tolleson 2016). Assessing drought conditions in the southwest U.S. is challenging because there are few long-term climate monitoring stations, especially in rural and remote areas, and monsoon rains can be very localized.

TEN Submittal Process

Please submit your news by 4:00pm Monday to TMN [tmn@cals.arizona.edu].

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