Is Your Marketing Dead?
Is Your Marketing Dead?
Building online identity with smart marketing.

Is your marketing...

Being busy is great. But when the busyness subsides, then what?

A vivacious marketing plan works for you when the schedule is full, so you don't have to worry about the future.

If you've run in to dead spots in your schedule throughout 2016, I want to help you implement a strategy for steady business in the coming year.

I’m Shauna Duty, owner of Identiwrite, a firm dedicated to online marketing for dentists. With 15 years' experience, I help my client dentists by creating practical, effective, and affordable strategies for web marketing -- based on their location, competition, and goals. This kind of custom strategy pays off all year long. It includes website SEO and maintenance, blog writing and promotion, reputation management, and social media. Most importantly, it includes monthly reporting and planing, so we can regularly evaluate return on investment (ROI). And there are NO CONTRACTS. If what Identiwrite does for you is not meeting your expectations for new patient numbers, you'll be free to take your website elsewhere or manage it yourself. In addition, you'll always receive personalized service, even after office hours. My cell phone number is 940-395-5115, and I'd be happy to talk with you now.

Visit the Identiwrite site and give me a call. Let’s discuss how to improve your website, new patient numbers, and success in the coming year!

Ask for a free site analysis before you go to the ADA show, so you can be informed and make wise decisions regarding your 2017 online marketing plan!

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Blogging Still Works to Drive Traffic to Dental 

Some "experts" say that posting new content to your website isn’t as important as it used to be. They say this because they don’t have a good copywriter to consistently create unique, high-quality blogs and webpages that both potential patients and Google will value.

Original, informative, properly optimized and distributed blogs lead a target demographic to dentists’ websites, regardless of what your website company or consultant say.
Google guru Matt Cutts insists that all businesses should have a blog. Because of the amount of webpages indexed by Google, a dentist needs a minimum of one blog (or new website page) per week, and the written content must not be published elsewhere online. To rank high in Google, a dentist’s blog must provide informative, useful information – the exact information your potential patients search for online.
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From the Q&A Archives

What should my website’s domain name be?

You should weigh all of your options before choosing a domain name. Perhaps you can use your own name, but maybe you should use the practice name. There is no value in using keyword-rich URLs any longer. However, a memorable domain name may benefit you long-term. We can help you select and purchase a domain name for your website(s).

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