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Building Social and Emotional Skills at Home
Social and emotional skills are as important as academics in the lives of young children. These "soft skills" are needed to not only navigate the early childhood classroom, but to engage in friendships, and to have a harmonious home environment. Young children need practice in expressing feelings and learning how to get along with others. 
Puppets. Teachers sometimes talk with children about conflicts and help them think about solutions while using puppets and families can try this technique at home. Puppets are a great way to introduce children to feeling words like happy, sad, angry, and children will sometimes talk to puppets about their feelings. Puppets can also help in discussions about challenging topics, like getting to bed on time.

Think out loud. When your child hears your thinking process, it helps her understand how to cope with frustration and solve problems: “Whoops. My favorite shopping bag has a hole in it. I’d better take another one with me to the grocery store.”

Read bedtime stories. There is something magical about this end-of-the-day routine that makes it the ideal time for talking about feelings. Discuss the characters and events in the story. Invite your child to share her thoughts and feelings by asking questions: “What do you think he should do? How do you think she feels? What would you do if you were this character?”

Do a job together. Instead of asking your child to do a chore alone, do it with her. The two of you might fold laundry, set the table, rake leaves, or paint a wall. Help your child join in by shortening the handle of a broom to make it child-size or providing a small paintbrush or roller.

Play games. Card and board games and outdoor games such as tag or hop-scotch offer built-in opportunities for helping children learn to take turns, cooperate, handle frustration, and more. While playing games together, focus on fun instead of winning or losing.

Prevent potential problems. Before a friend comes to play, help your child put away toys he does not want to share. Before taking a bus to the zoo, provide a step-by-step explanation of what you will do: “We will wait at the bus stop for 5 minutes, then get on the bus and sit together and watch the sights go by for about 30 minutes [explain this as the length of one episode of a favorite TV show]. Then we will walk three blocks to the zoo and tour the lion house before anything else!” During the trip, remind your preschooler of what will happen next.
You can visit naeyc.org/resources for more family articles on your child's development. 

Executive Director
ECELP Covid-19 Resources & Updates

Teacher Appreciation

We love our teachers and can see that our parents do, too!!!
The PAC provided breakfast on Monday, "Teacher Dress Up Day" and a candy bar on Tuesday, lunch & cards on Wednesday, snack bags on Thursday, and a special gift on Friday. 
Thanks to these generous restaurants:
Shipley Donuts
Chicken Salad Chick
Phil’s Oyster Bar & Seafood

Thanks so much to the PAC for a wonderful week!!
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Teacher Celebration

Demika Gilmore and LaKisha Banks are being recognized for their excellent scores on the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) at a ceremony on May 21 by the East Baton Rouge Area Network.
We could not be more proud of these teachers!

Teacher of the Month -

Laura Sweet 

Ms.Laura received a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Early Intervention from University of Louisiana at Monroe and is certified in Early Childhood PK-3 and Early Intervention and has been in the field since 2018. Her favorite part of working in early childhood education is getting to witness and play an active role in children's "a-ha!" moments. Laura is an expert is communicating with families on their child's growth and development. It gives her great joy helping young minds grow and understand the world around them.

We are fortunate to have Ms.Laura as part of the ECELP team!

2022-2023 School Year

Please be sure to visit our home page lsu.edu/ecelp to review the 2022-2023 Calendar and our 2022-2023 Family Handbook. 
We are excited for the start of a new school year!!
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Huge Success!!

Our book fair sales totaled $3,200, which allows the school to purchase books for all classrooms! Thanks to all who volunteered, shopped,                                                                                                     and donated to their                                                                                                               classroom wishlist!

Spring has Sprung!!

Children in Preschool IV have harvested their carrots & radishes!!
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Knock Knock children's museum

Summer Time is Knock Knock Time

Summer is the perfect time to experience learning through play at Knock Knock. Enjoy unlimited access to our 18 Learning Zones and all membership benefits for the entire Summer.

Summer Membership
Two (2) named Adults, Two (2) unnamed children
Membership Active from May 31, 2022 to August 31, 2022
Enjoy all membership benefits listed below
Add-on another adult or child for $20
Convert your Summer Membership into a full year-long membership for only $60 until September 30, 2022
COST: $90 plus tax


Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)

Rachele Hardy is the Resource Development Specialist for EBR Early Childhood Community Network and can assist families in applying for CCAP funds. 

She can be reached at  225-975-3962 or RHardy@ebrschools.org
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Baby tiger standing up ready to hug you with a purple heart on his chest
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