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Dear graduate students,
I am writing to provide a few more updates and reminders as more logistical details become finalized at the start of the semester.

Reminder: Sign the Duke Compact and Student COVID Policy Plan by August 17
You should have received two separate emails from the Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance (OARC) in the past two weeks, one pointing you to the Duke Compact and the other to a student COVID policy plan. You must review and sign both documents by Monday, August 17, or you will not be able to access campus buildings with your DukeCard.
If you have any questions about the Duke Compact and the accompanying student policy plan, please see returnto.duke.edu/the-duke-compact/, which has a list of FAQs, including a set of questions specific to graduate and professional students (at the bottom of that page).
If you did not receive the OARC emails or if you are having technical difficulties with the web portal for signing the documents, contact the OARC at oarc@duke.edu.

Reminder: Make Your Appointment for Duke’s Baseline COVID Testing (August 17-20)
Enrolled Graduate School students should have received an email from Helene McAdams earlier this week with instructions on signing up for Duke’s arrival baseline COVID testing, which will be held August 17-20 for Graduate School Ph.D. and master's students. If you plan to be on campus for classes or any other activities this year, you must participate in this baseline testing, or you will not be able to access campus buildings with your DukeCard.
(If you are a graduate student who has been on campus continuously this summer and was approved to do lab-based research or participate in other academic activities, you do not need to participate in this arrival baseline testing process. Your DukeCard will remain active. You will, however, be included in ongoing surveillance testing and daily symptom monitoring, along with faculty, staff, and other students.)

Digital Membership to Duke Rec
Due to pandemic-related safety measures, graduate students will not have physical access to Duke’s recreation facilities during the 2020-2021 academic year, but Duke Rec announced this week that it is offering digital memberships that provide access to all of its virtual programming. The digital membership is $60 per semester and is prorated based on the date of enrollment.
In keeping with The Graduate School’s policy of covering rec fees for Ph.D. students in their guaranteed funding period, Ph.D. students in years 1-5 who purchase a digital membership will receive a reimbursement at the end of the fall and spring semesters for the cost of their membership. This reimbursement will be a direct payment to the student through payroll.
Please see Duke Rec’s FAQs and email recmemberships@duke.edu if you have questions about the digital membership or Duke Rec access. Financial questions should be sent to grad-finaid@duke.edu.

Safety and Wellness Tips for Graduate Student TAs and Instructors
Teaching during the pandemic is challenging. To help address some of the challenges, the university has developed a set of safety and wellness advice for graduate students who are serving as teaching assistants or instructors of record for in-person classes. This guidance covers topics such as what to include in your syllabus about public safety guidelines and how to handle situations where a student in class does not comply with those guidelines. Some of the advice may also be useful for graduate students who are teaching remotely.

Please continue to check gradschool.duke.edu/fall2020 and returnto.duke.edu for updates and information about the fall. Thank you for playing your part in protecting the health of our communities, and have a great start to the new year!
Paula D. McClain, Ph.D.
Dean of The Graduate School
Vice Provost for Graduate Education
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