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September 2021

Adjusted September & October Pro Shop/Golf Course Hours

All days now open at 8 a.m.

Updated Calendar For The Links

A calendar of events for the 2021 season has also been added to The Links website.  Please refer to it often to check course availability and all golf activities.  

Events that affect regular play:

Wednesday, September 1: Green top dressing, front nine
Thursday, September 2: Green top dressing, back nine
September 17-18: Mike Michael 24-hour golf marathon for the benefit of the Attleboro Recreation Department. The course will be open for regular play, but please allow Mike to play through!
Monday, September 27: Youth on Course 100 Hole Hike. The front nine will be closed until approximately 3:30 p.m.
Check out The Links website for a full list of golfing activities. 

Regular League Play

  • Hockomock YMCA Integration Team: Monday's at 5 p.m. (Shotgun start on the front nine)
  • Women’s Wednesday League: Wednesday's at 5 p.m. (Shotgun start on the front nine)
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Tournament Information

Fall Classic, Saturday, October 23 | 10 a.m. shotgun
Enjoy the end of golf season at The Links at Mass Golf. This 18-hole team event is open to all members, family, and friends. Lunch and prizes will be featured after golf. There must be at least one Links Member per foursome.

Format: 18-hole "Lemon/Orange Ball" or One Best Ball: Each team will be given either a "Lemon or Orange Ball" and this ball will be played on each series of four holes by a different member of each team. Holes 17 & 18 will be a captain's pick. You will record the score for the "Lemon/Orange Ball" for each hole. If you LOSE the "Lemon/Orange Ball" your team is out of that competition but entered in the One Best Ball of Four Bracket. 
Cost: $25 per player. Players can sign up beginning September 23 in the pro shop or by calling 508-222-0555. Sign up cut-off date is October 23 at 10:00 a.m. 
Registration Information

Arriving Soon!

A shipment of Links Logoed ladies’ short sleeve and sleeveless shirts and men’s golf shirts from Greg Norman will be in stock shortly. Recent arrivals include Foot Joy shoes for kids, woman, and men. 

Local Rules Reminder

Keep all golf bags and pull carts off tees and green collars. An updated local rules sheet for the Links can be found on our website under both the Play and Course Information sections at the top of the main page. Please review these brief summaries to make your round an enjoyable experience. 
Local Rules

An Interesting Fact

From Mark Pazdur, Publisher of Executive Golfer Magazine ….The average number of ball marks made on a green per round is eight per amateur golfer. Assuming only 130 rounds are played on any given day, the course is bombarded with 1,040 ball marks per day or 31,000 per month – or even more scary, 374,000 per year! Pay it forward and fix yours and one other every time you are on the green.

“Ask yourself how many shots you would have saved if you never lost your temper, never got down on yourself, always developed a strategy before you hit, and always played within your capabilities.”
- Jack Nicklaus

Drew's Tip Of The Month

"Hold On, This Will Come In Handy"
Nearly 85 percent of the golf balls initial start direction is determined by the position of the clubface when the ball leaves it and in wet conditions, that increases to 95 percent. So, what controls the clubface? For the right-handed golfer, the Left Hand and how it is placed on the grip of the club controls the clubface. Try this… hold the club with just your left hand and rotate it back and forth.  Any movement by the left hand makes the same corresponding movement with the clubface.
To place your left hand properly on the grip, it should be placed in its most natural position, where your left palm faces the left thigh, just as it would if you let your left arm hang naturally from your shoulder without any tension. Unfortunately, most golfers don’t do this and are then forced to make compensations in their swing.
Use these keys to check you grip: Both hands touch one another: interlock, overlap or ten finger grips are all appropriate. You should see approximately two to three knuckles on your left hand when you look down and no left-hand fingertips. Think of the grip as a clock with 12:00 on the top of the grip. The left thumb is placed on the back side of the grip at about a 1:30 or 2:00 position. For the right hand, place the club in the fingers and the pocket on the right palm or lifeline of your righthand fits over the left thumb. Be firm with the last three fingers of you left hand and the middle two of your right hand. The thumbs and index fingers of both hands are very soft.  This allows the wrists to be soft and to act as a “free hinge”. We want strong fingers, but flexible wrists. Minor grip adjustments can be made to correct for ball flight, such as rotating your grip clockwise to correct for a slice, but don’t deviate too far. If your grip is correct and the ball is still not flying in the desired direction, the problem lies elsewhere. 
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