In the News - Janurary 2016
In the News - Janurary 2016

UAMS Celebrates New Texarkana
Family Medical Center Space

UAMS Southwest celebrated the move of its Family Medical Center to a new, more accessible location at 3417 U of A Way in Texarkana, Arkansas.

Blue and You Grant to Fund Patient Safety Outreach Program

Improving patient safety is at the heart of the Simulation Outreach to Address Patient Safety (SOAPS) project. The Blue and You Foundation awarded UAMS $110,752 to the one-year simulation education outreach project.

Primary Care Providers Train
in Child Behavioral Health

A shortage is the root cause underlying the long wait to see a child psychiatrist. To fill that care gap, UAMS and ACH in collaboration with the REACH Institute have begun training pediatricians and other primary care providers to recognize behavioral health problems.

UAMS Saw Transformative
Growth in 2015

UAMS experienced a year of growth and transformation in 2015 that reached all areas of patient care, education and research.

UAMS Establishes Women’s Health Clinic at Pulaski Detention Center

UAMS has established a Women’s Health Clinic to provide prenatal care for pregnant inmates at the Pulaski County Regional Detention Center.

Michael Owens, Ph.D., Named Arkansas Research Alliance Fellow

The Arkansas Research Alliance named UAMS’ Michael Owens, Ph.D., an ARA Fellow during a news conference Dec. 10 at the state Capitol.

UAMS Center for Health Literacy Introduces Plain Language Service

A new online service that helps health care professionals make health information easier to understand for patients and the general public is now available through the Center for Health Literacy.

Leanne Lefler, Ph.D., Named Breakthrough Leader in Nursing

Developing an innovative approach that helped older women incorporate physical activity into their daily lives has led to national award for Leanne Lefler, Ph.D., A.P.R.N.

Inaugural Physical Therapy Students Find Joy in Learning

As the inaugural physical therapy class at the UAMS northwest Arkansas campus in Fayetteville finishes its first semester, students are as enthusiastic as ever.

American Heart Association Names UAMS 'Fit Friendly Company'

The American Heart Association has recognized UAMS as a "Fit Friendly Company," for being an employer that "goes above and beyond when it comes to their employees' health."

Eli Award Presented for Compassionate Care

Three UAMS Medical Center employees were honored Dec. 14 with The Eli Award for going above and beyond to care for two hospital patients.
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