Monthly Updates - June 2021

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Welcome to the June edition of the SOLVE-CHD monthly updates. This monthly e-newsletter will keep you up to date with the key progress of the SOLVE-CHD projects and provides updates on our events and initiatives. Please
email Julia  ( if you wish to share/add anything from your area that is directly/indirectly related to the SOLVE-CHD program.

  Key Updates

SOLVE Researcher Spotlight June 
A/Prof Adrienne O'Neil, Deakin University 
A/Prof Adrienne O’Neil is the Director of Heart and Mind Research at IMPACT and Deputy Director of Food and Mood Centre. Her co-appointment is funded by the Heart Foundation as part of a Future Leader Fellowship and the Wilson Foundation. She is a behavioural scientist who has been developing, evaluating and implementing lifestyle-based behavioural interventions for 15 years. Currently, she works with the team at the Food and Mood Centre to apply learnings from cardiology and other areas of chronic disease prevention and management to psychiatry and vice versa. She is contributing to SOLVE-CHD by leading the Victorian program of research focusing on improving the monitoring and quality of cardiac rehabilitation across the 134 sites across the State. 
'All Australians have the right to access good quality rehabilitation services that can effectively keep them out of hospital after a cardiac event. With SOLVE-CHD, we have all come together with the  common goal of making a real change at a national level’ 
SOLVE Consumer Workshop 
SOLVE first Consumer Engagement Workshop will be held via Zoom on Wednesday 14th July. The main purpose of this initial meeting is to discuss the priority research areas from Consumer Perspective and work out consumer engagement strategies for SOLVE for the next few years.  

If you are interested in attending or find out more about it, please email
SOLVE PhD Scholarships are now open at the University of Sydney, with Deakin and UWA's to follow. Please forward the links to your network and help spread the word. 
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