On your mark, get set...
On your mark, get set...
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ILR fall 2021 registration is NOW OPEN! 

The instructors are prepping, the ILR Fall 2021 Course Catalog has been delivered, the office is gearing up in anticipation of a torrent of registrations, and our excitement is overflowing. The only missing piece is YOU! 

If you requested a catalog within the past week, know that it is on its way. Not yet receiving our catalog? Request a copy

Have an upcoming group or club meeting? Bring a stack of ILR catalogs and help spread the word. Catalogs are available in the ILR office (Oxford) and the Voice of America Learning Center (West Chester). Call the ILR office to arrange a pick-up time.

**IMPORTANT** New Covid-19 protocol

For the past 18 months, Miami University's first priority has always been to protect the health and safety of the campus community. To that end, in-person classroom participation requires adherence to the following safety mandate: Regardless of vaccine status, facemasks must be worn inside all Miami buildings. Instructors may remove their masks while teaching, provided they can maintain at least six feet of distance from their students.
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Online, mail, and in-person registration 

At 9:00 a.m. today, our website was updated with a live link to online registration and our office began processing mailed registrations in the order they were received. While we continue to have three easy ways to register--online, mail, or in person, online is your quickest option and immediately reserves your seat in class. Online registration–accessed from the ILR website–takes only minutes and requires no passwords. Once you experience the ease of registering online, you'll understand the appeal. It's the most efficient means of registering, both for you and the ILR office. 
If you have been checking our website regularly and don't now see the current content, you may need to clear your browser's cache to refresh your browser. 

Register Now
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Hybrid explained

We've fielded a number of inquiries about the hybrid format. Hybrid classes will have both online and face-to-face students. The hybrid option allows you to choose your participation location, either virtual (online) or classroom (in person). The instructor will be teaching from the physical classroom location. The decision is yours, but know that all hybrid classrooms have limited in-person enrollment, as do all non-hybrid, in-person classes. If you're registering online and find the classroom option for a hybrid course has been filled, feel free to select the virtual option and enjoy the class from the comfort of your home. If you're registering by mail, please indicate "virtual' or "classroom" for all hybrid course selections.
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Catalog correction

All it takes is one misplaced digit and it all falls apart. The time listed in the catalog description for the "A Tourist's Guide to London & the United Kingdom" class on page 16 is correct. The class will be held from 4:00-5:15 p.m. However, the time listed for this class in the schedules on pages 4 & 5 is incorrect. We could claim it was purposeful and liken it to a Where's Waldo exercise, but since to err is human, we'll admit our imperfection and ask forgiveness for any confusion we've caused. 
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Don't get lost
Oh, the errors we see. Prior to mailing the catalog, an audit of the mailing list uncovered many transposed zip codes–a direct result of the information provided to us through registration. While playing zip code detective is easy, transposed house/phone numbers and email addresses, on the other hand, ensure we'll lose you.  And we certainly don't want to lose you. Please be extra diligent with your digits when registering.
In addition, registration emails will come your way with the option to Opt Out of future emails. Please don't Opt Out if you plan to register in the future. Opting out will prevent you from receiving future confirmations of registration.

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Early birds encouraged!
Registration closes on September 28th. Please register early to enable us to get all necessary materials to you in a timely fashion. Additionally, all in-person classes have limited seating and many will reach capacity. To ensure you are not waitlisted for your favorites, register early for best availability.

Never hesitate to add your name to a waiting list. Openings often occur and room changes are made based on waiting list sizes.

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Meet your instructors
Course descriptions in our catalog leave precious little space to feature our instructors. Want to learn a bit more about your instructor(s)? The About section of our website offers a deeper dive into the talent you'll find in our classrooms. 
Give high praise to your instructors. They're volunteering their time for you.
Parking passes & maps
Not sure how to get to your class location or how to request an Oxford campus parking pass? The Locations and Parking section of our website lists all locations, on and off campus, each linked to a Google map, as well as instructions for requesting your electronic ILR parking pass (necessary for Oxford campus locations only).
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Singing group

Sing with "hywl" (great gusto and spirit)!

Over the years, Welsh immigrants have brought their strong choral tradition to North America. This group singing (mostly now in English) continues in large 500+ person conventions to small chapels with a handful of sincere singers. Michael Hieber, Miami Emeritus, has a passion for singing at Gymanfa Ganu festivals. Learn how this stirring tradition of public singing festivals started and continues to this day (even in Ohio) while listening to examples of the music as well as the inspiring stories behind their creation. The class will be held online, four Thursdays, October 7-28, 12:30-1:45 pm. See page 18 of the catalog for details, then loosen up the pipes.
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