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Garrett Kephart
Founder of Point B Inc.'s ESG and Social Impact Practice Joins Advisory Council 
Garrett Kephart, MPP '07 founded and leads Point B Inc.'s ESG and Social Impact Practice. The ESG and Social Impact Practice accelerates action by customers to improve life on the planet. He wrote: "I’m excited to join the Council to give back to the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration as my career trajectory was defined by my experience at GW and subsequent years in Washington, DC supporting several Federal agencies during the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. We are at a unique point in time where the world has finally acknowledged social and environmental value on the balance sheet."  
Professor Barnow Contributes to Research on Disability Policy
TSPPPA's Burt Barnow and UMBC's David H. Greenberg co-authored Chapter 2: Design of Social Security Administration Demonstration Evaluations in a new book titled Lessons from SSA Demonstrations for Disability Policy and Future Research. The book synthesizes decades of research on the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) tests of new policies and programs to improve work outcomes and directions for future research.
TSPPPA Alum Directs New Climate Change Film 
Nathan Havey, MPP '07, is the writer, director and first-time filmmaker of Beyond Zero, a film used to inspire and train people in boardrooms and classrooms all over the worldBeyond Zero tells a powerful story about building a business and helping to inspire meaningful action around climate change. 
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Capstone Projects Launch  
Every year students work in teams for a client to complete a capstone project as their final program assignment. These projects involve substantial analysis and clients include nonprofits, government agencies, and private think tanks. This year, one of the projects will win a recently established Capstone Prize. Instructor advisors this semester are Joseph Arleth, Joseph CordesJasmine McGinnis Johnson and Mary Tschirhart. 
Illustrating the value of the projects, one group, advised by Dr. Arleth, is working with CSIS, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, to analyze the impact and effectiveness of U.S. investments in women and girls’ education programs and initiatives in Afghanistan since 2001. Other planned project clients include but are not limited to NASA, NAPA, Horton's Kids, Fight CRC, Justice Policy Institute, Georgetown Mainstreet and the Learning Policy Institute. 
Remembering the Life of Former  Professor and Public Servant: Dwight S. Cropp
Dwight S. Cropp was a former professor of public administration teaching undergraduate and graduate courses and special adviser to GW President Emeritus Stephen J. Trachtenberg. Prior to joining the university, Cropp was a dedicated public servant in the District of Columbia.
Dwight S.Cropp, former TSPPPA Professor and DC Public Servant and wife Linda Cropp.
Publications & Media Spotlights
Leah Brook's research was quoted in the Bloomberg article, "Why U.S. Infrastructure Costs So Much."
Stephanie Riegg Cellini co-authored with Dominique J. Baker, Judith Scott-Clayton, and Lesley J. Turner, the Brookings article, "Why Information Alone is Not Enough to Improve Higher Education Outcomes."
Kathryn Newcomer is the lead co-author​ with Clint Brass ​i​n a chapter on "Performance: Making Sense of Forests and Trees,"​ ​in the Handbook of Theories of Public Administration and Management​. ​  
F. Stevens Redburn co-authored with Tonya Neaves Thornton a new book titled, The Politics of Fiscal Responsibility: A Comparative Perspective.
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