March 1st, 2021

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As some of you may have heard, last week, Southeast Service Coop was awarded the request for funding from the Youth Skills Grant from the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry. “Youth Skills Training grants give Minnesota students hands-on training in the high-demand fields of advanced manufacturing, agriculture, automotive, health care, and information technology,” said Governor Walz. He continued, “Our state needs talented professionals in these high-growth fields, and these innovative partnerships create career pathways for younger Minnesotans while powering our future.” We have started laying the groundwork with schools and long-term care facilities to get the ball rolling on this and now we will put a concerted effort in making this happen. Implementation will start Fall 2021. Stay tuned for more details as they come!
Post-Secondary Month
Welcome to March and moving to more of a face-to-face learning environment. This month we are featuring post-secondary options on  FutureForward  for students to explore opportunities after high school. They include colleges and training programs, as well as apprenticeships and on-the-job learning opportunities. There are live sessions, r internships and job shadows connections, and  a chance for students to focus on all the great post-secondary content that is availabe on FutureForward™. We hope that high school career planners and guidance counselors take the time this month to meet with students and use the platform to really help them explore their opportunities and see what career path might be of interest so they can tailor thier future high school classes and electives to help them in that direction. 
This week we have placed a student in work experience at Podein’s Power Equipment. To make sure that both the student and employer are comfortable with this arrangement, we have arranged for a two week trial period where the student will not be paid but will get to see if this is something he is interested in and the employer will get to see if the student is a good worker and someone he would like to pay. Over the two week trial we will assess his skills and abilities and see what he can improve on and work on those issues while he is in school. This is a great partnership that will allow the students to have some real world experiences before deciding on his/her career path.
Before the new 2021 year, the Foods and Consumer Science teacher at Triton had requested some help in a grant opportunity to replace equipment such as ranges in her kitchen. We were able to find an energy efficient grant through People's Energy Cooperative and get it submitted before the new year. This week she learned that she was approved  for $1500 to purchase equipment to replace a range. Ashley Kincaid, Representative of People's Energy Cooperative, said, "We appreciate the work that you are doing in our communities and for our members."
As Kasson-Mantorville is preparing to go back to school face-to-face, the guidance counselor wanted to make sure it was exciting for the students. She partnered with SSC and we have come up with several guest speakers to present career topics over the next 10 weeks of school. The first one starts this Thursday with Nathan Schroeder, an entrepreneur with the Escape Challenge in Rochester, to talk about his business and how he became an entrepreneur. Through these live career speakers, we are hoping that students will start considering their career path and then follow up with the speakers with whom they have interest and ask individual questions of skills and pathways.
The guidance staff is actively collecting videos for the Virtual Career Fair happening at the end of the month. We are partnering with some of the videos and professionals that we have used on FutureForward™ to share their experiences and expertise

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