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March 2020

RMS staffing with remote work guidance in place

It is important to maintain a safe and healthy work environment especially during these extraordinary times. In light of this, RMS will be adhering to the remote work guidelines but will continue to have a limited presence on Campus. We will provide services to the extent possible but understand that some safety inspections, assessments or other services may need to be rescheduled. We ask that you continue to adhere to all University safety and health programs.

If you need RMS support please contact us as you normally would. RMS staff working remotely are available during their standard work hours and have their phones forwarded so they can respond in a timely manner. If you require onsite support and the staff member you contacted is working remotely he/she will direct your request to a RMS team member who is on Campus. 

Contact NDPD Dispatch at 1-5555 for all emergencies or assistance after normal business hours. Dispatch is able to contact the RMS oncall staff member after hours.

Stay safe and observe social distancing.

Do you know how to report an unsafe condition?

Reporting unsafe conditions on campus has resulted in changes that may have prevented others from being injured. To learn what has been done and how to report a hazard read here.

New RMS Forms

Quick Link

RMS is excited to announce that a new comprehensive Forms web page has been added to our website. It can be accessed on our home page as a Quick Link on the lower right enabling users to easily access necessary forms..

Safety Corner

If you haven’t done so go check out this month’s ND Works newsletter! This newsletter talks about the importance of safety, Notre Dame’s involvement with the Voluntary Protection Program and how we as faculty and staff must use our resources to promote a culture of safety here on campus. Remember that safety is first and if you see something, say something! For more information, click here to see this month’s ND Works newsletter. 

Safety Alerts

Framing contractor received prison sentence for fatality - Naples, Florida
Former owner of a Florida framing company was sentenced to prison for violating fall protections standards which resulted in an employee fatality. For more information, read here.
Over loaded power strip causes home fire - Fitchburg, MA
An oveloaded power strip is being blamed for a house fire resulting in the death of two men in Fitchburg, MA. For more information, please read here.

Safety Notices

New Trenching & Excavating Program
With support from the Operations Safety Advisory Committee, RMS has developed a new Trenching & Excavation Safety Program (link). This program provides guidelines to personnel conducting excavating, trenching, and shoring activities on campus and standardizes training, operations, and work practices to assure the safety of all personnel conducting these activities. 

The Trenching & Excavation page on the RMS website contains numerous resources including the Trenching & Excavation Procedure, Training Requirements, and Inspection Forms.

New Electrical Safety Program
With support from the Operations Safety Advisory Committee, RMS has developed a new Electrical Safety Program (link). This program provides guidelines to personnel working on or near electrical systems and standardizes training, operations, and work practices to assure the safety of all personnel conducting these activities.
The Electrical Safety page on the RMS website contains numerous re-
sources including the Electrical Safety Procedure, Training Require-
ments, excerpts from NFPA tables, and links to forms needed to safely
conduct electrical work on campus.

New Training Needs Assessment form
The Training Needs Assessment form has been updated to a Qualtrics form and can be found on the RMS Training web page.  This tool makes it easier to pinpoint safety needs, provide localized storage of completed forms and allow RMS access to the forms.
Updated Hot Work App
Effective February 1, 2020, the University launched an updated online Hot Work Permit application (app). It is available on the RMS Hot Work web page under the section heading Hot Work Permit. For more information, please read the Safety Notice here.

Trivia Contest 

Excavations greater than _______ feet shall be tested before employees enter where potentially _______________ atmospheres could reasonably exist. 

Hint: The answer is on page 8 of the procedure stored on the Trenching & Excavating web page.

A drawing will be made from all the correct responses sent to by March 24, 2020. The ND vacuum tumbler pictured to the right will be awarded to the winner.


Injury data is from Januarty 1 through February 29, 2020.

Environmental Corner

New labels for designated hazardous waste containers will soon be distributed to labs. The labels will denote the major hazard, the constituents, and their amounts. Below is an example and directions for use are as follows:

1.  Check the pictogram denoting the major waste hazard.
2.  List waste constituents in first column. Do not use abbreviations or chemical                formulas.
3.  List the percentage of the constituent in the second column. The total                            percentages of the constituents should add up to 100%.
4.  When ready for disposal, fill out a hazardous waste discard tag in Onbase. Use            the Control # in the upper left hand corner of the Onbase form and place it in the        top left corner of the waste label under Discard Tag Control #. If this Control         # is written on the hazardous waste label, you no longer have to print       and tape the discard tag as you currently do.

Chad Rist, Hazardous Waste Technician, will distribute labels to laboratories over the coming weeks. The labels will also be available through departmental safety coordinators.

If you have any questions or labeling needs please contact Erin Hafner at or Chad Rist at

OSHA's 10 Most Cited Standards for 2019

For a detailed list and a short video presentation of OSHA's top 10 most cited violations, click here.

Not so Funny Moments in Safety

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