Location updates with a glimpse into what you're making possible
Location updates with a glimpse into what you're making possible
Location Upates: A Glimpse Into What You're Making Possible
Welcome to The Verge
The Verge is a caring and committed group of monthly givers pushing past the barriers of poverty to bring transformation to suffering children and communities around the world. It's people like you, giving anything they can to prove that the Gospel + practical help can break the cycle of poverty, one person at a time.
Please look to your inbox every other month for the stories of real lives you're transforming month after month through your faithful support.
Nine Baptisms! 
God is working in the lives of families and nine individuals were recently baptized at our Trigo Y Miel program. This included an entire family from the youngest son to the father.
Praise God for how He is continuing to speak through Victor and Lety as they are faithful to teach about Jesus to the families in the community. It was such a joyful time to see God changing lives and glorified on this day!
Carolina's New Wheelchair
Recently Carolina was blessed with the gift of a wheelchair after God used her dear friend Allison to request this need for her. Allison is in our Nicaragua girl's program and the girls have developed a wonderful friendship living near each other. 

Allison's compassion compelled her to ask for help getting a wheelchair for Carolina, and when she received one, Carolina was so happy and full of smiles! We love seeing the girls and other children in the programs step out in faith and service within their communities.

The Church Continues to Touch Lives During the Pandemic
Due to churches in Cuba being closed during the pandemic, the staff who operate the feeding program have not been able to receive any support from tithes and offerings. We are so grateful for the many faithful, loving and generous partners who have recently provided funds to help these staff.

Pastor Alex and the church secretary want to express their gratitude to everyone, "Thank you very much for this blessing. Today it reached our hands and we have given this fund to the church for the sustenance and maintenance and advancement of the Kingdom of God in El Cobre. God bless all the brothers and sisters who made this possible. Thank you for this contribution you have made to our church because truly the need is great."

Preschool Building Construction Continues 
Currently, the two preschool classes at our Kenya Program totaling 24 children, with more wanting to join, meet all together in a dining hall. Though it is difficult to teach two classes in such a small space, the teachers are encouraged as they've noticed the children growing in confidence, as well as academically and spiritually.

Thanks to faithful supporters like yourself, construction is taking place for a new preschool building that will have classrooms where children can learn independently according to their grades. We are so grateful for this new building and are looking forward to seeing how God uses it to help more children establish a better foundation.

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