ENGAGEMENT - Spring 2020
We are pleased to share news about our ongoing efforts to promote a more humane and just society that maximizes human potential and the quality of life for all individuals, families, and communities.

Celebrating the Class of 2020

"You have shaped this place, and you have shaped the world far beyond this campus ... Your talents and commitments have and will continue to promote a stronger, more just society," said Dean Scott Thomas in his address to CESS graduates. 
We invite you to enjoy and share our CESS Class of 2020 Celebration page featuring videos, honors, awards, success stories, and other highlights about our graduates.

CESS Graduates Receive Outstanding Student Leadership Awards

For their impactful contributions to our community, three CESS graduates received Outstanding Student Leadership Awards from the University of Vermont. 
Whether battling serious medical challenges or leading efforts to advance equity and inclusion across campus and beyond, their passion to lead and inspire others leaves an indelible legacy at UVM.

Garvey Advocates for Data to Represent Queer and Trans Students

Dr. Jason Garvey’s research examines student affairs and college classroom contexts. His research study, “Critical Imperatives for Studying Queer and Trans Undergraduate Student Retention,” was recently published in the Journal of College Student Retention. In the study, Garvey says the lack of retention scholarship for queer and trans students has resulted in inadequately capturing the nuanced dimensions of student retention.

Improving Literacy Education for All Students

"I love everything about watching my students become readers and writers, and now I’m excited about the prospect of working in government and changing the way we support students and families," says Hannah Luce ('17, G'20). The next step on her mission to improve literacy education will involve research on a new professional development program for educators.

Poised to Make a Difference: Meet the CESS Class of 2020

Prepared to make a difference for families, schools and communities near and far, the Class of 2020 is a story of perseverance and compassion during an unprecedented time. 
We are proud to celebrate all of our graduates and to highlight a few of them in this story.

Conroy Receives Service-Learning Award

"It gave me a deep understanding of the material and an opportunity for practical application of my studies while providing support for my community," says Oona Gourlay (’23) about Dr. Nicole Conroy's service-learning course that involved community work with the Boys and Girls Club of Burlington.

Fulbrights Awarded to Two Middle Level Education Graduates

Maeve Poleman developed strong connections with Nepali students and families during her internship and student research projects.
Camilla Thomassen-Tai's mother is a first-generation American originally from Taiwan, but she never had the chance to explore that part of her identity.

The Impact of Critical Reflection: Jan Fook

UVM Social Work Chairperson Jan Fook describes herself an an "unconventional academic".
For nearly two decades, Fook has been developing and teaching her model of critical reflection, a deliberately structured and concrete methodology to get at the root of what’s underneath—and what’s implicit—in our understanding and assumptions about ourselves, others, and our place within our culture.

Overcoming Obstacles and Leaving a Legacy

Kia'Rae Hanron ('20) overcame crisis and tragedy during her college journey, never giving up on her dream.
“Had I not found my passion and purpose in education, I would have dropped out of school," says Kia. Now she is following in the footsteps of the high school art teacher who inspired her.

Shaping the Next Generation

“I love the community, the energy, the challenges, and the school-spirit that gives you pride to be a part of something bigger than yourself," says Erica Indiano ('20). "Seeing young adolescents grow and thrive is one of the most rewarding experiences.” 
Even before completing her Master of Arts in Teaching Middle Level Education, Erica landed her dream job as a life sciences teacher at Georgia Middle School beginning in the fall.

Summer Learning Opportunities

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Visit our summer landing page for a full listing of online courses available from the College of Education and Social Services (CESS). 

Giving to CESS

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