Education News for March 2021

Women in the workforce during World War II

This primary source represents women working at the Vultee Aircraft Plant (approx. 1941) in Nashville. Approximately one-third of the wartime employees were women. During World War II, over six million women took wartime jobs in factories and on farms. Three million women volunteered with the Red Cross, and over 200,000 women served in the military. As men were shipped overseas by the thousands, women had to take over jobs traditionally held by men, despite their lack of experience. Women who worked in the factories were soon dubbed "Rosie the Riveter" after a popular cartoon figure.
This source meets the 5.49 and US.52 Tennessee social studies standards.
Questions for Discussion:
1) Describe why large numbers of women entered the workforce during World War II and its impact on American society.
2) What adjustments did women in the workforce need to make to their daily routines?
3) When World War II ended, what happened to the roles of women in the workforce?
4) What was the significance of the Rosie the Riveter campaign?
For more primary sources about women in the workforce, be sure to visit our website.
Women's History Month is celebrated annually in March. Since 1987, it has been a month-long celebration of women's  contributions in United States history and contemporary society. Along with other women in history, the women in the World War II-era workforce should be celebrated.

Woman Suffrage Digital Breakout, 6th-12th grade

This digital breakout uses primary sources to explore the Woman Suffrage Movement. Use your knowledge of the Woman Suffrage Movement and the clues within this breakout to gain a deeper understanding of the suffrage story in Tennessee! 
For more digital breakouts, visit our website.

A Procession for the Tennessee Constitutions

The Tennessee State Library and Archives, with the assistance of the Tennessee Highway Patrol, with support from the THP Honor Guard, transported Tennessee’s three constitutions on March 1, 2021, from their current building to their new, soon to open home on Bicentennial Mall. Preserving Tennessee’s legal and civic history is among TSLA’s statutory responsibilities.
The Tennessee State Library and Archives houses original copies of the state's three Constitutions. The first was written in 1796 and revised in 1834, and in 1870. Please visit our website to view all three Tennessee Constitutions with transcription links included.
Click here to view a video of the procession.

Spring Arrives March 20!

Teachers, enjoy your spring break by exploring one of Tennessee's fifty-six state parks!  Get that needed rest to prepare for the remainder of this unusual and challenging school year. This primary source represents a postcard of Cane Creek Falls at Fall Creek Falls State Park.
This source is part of the Tennessee Postcard Collection housed at the Tennessee State Library and Archives.
This source meets the TN.62 Tennessee social studies standard.

Tennessee Blue Book: A History of Tennessee - Student Edition

Tennessee History teachers, check out the Tennessee Blue Book:  A History of Tennessee - Student Edition for student-friendly text, primary sources, and assessment quizzes that tell the story of the great state of Tennessee!
Note: (Please email for quiz/discussion answer keys.) 

Webinar Series for the 2020-2021 School Year

Discover Tennessee History is presenting its final webinar for the 2020-2021 school year. On the second Tuesday of each month, a Discover Tennessee partner organization has presented a one-hour session exploring a Tennessee history topic.
There is no cost to participate in this last webinar, but you must register.
Tracing the Trail of Tears through Tennessee
March 9, 2021 at 4 p.m. CT/ 5 p.m. ET
Click here to register for this final webinar of the school year and to view details of past webinars.

Tennessee Electronic Library:  World Book's New Super Home Page

Teachers, check out the  Super Home Page from World Book's brand-new look. Join World Book and TEL for a quick overview of the new layout and a high-level refresh on each World Book product.
Monday, March 29, 2021
1 p.m. CT/ 2 p.m. ET (30 minutes)
Click here to register for this World Book refresher course.

Tennessee State Library and Archives

Nashville's history landscape is changing! This spring, the State Library and Archives will move into a new facility by Bicentennial Capitol Mall.  The new building provides more archival storage space, restoration tools, classrooms, meeting spaces, and much more.
Our April newsletter will feature an extensive look at the new facility.  The new building will open to the public with limited capacity starting April 13, 2021.
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