Penn Information Systems & Computing
ISC Progress Report, August 2018

Here’s a brief report on many of our major activities,
organized by our three new strategic themes.

Modernize the IT environment that supports the University
HireIT: HireIT, which provides high-quality IT support services to Schools and Centers, resolved 7153 tickets in FY18.  Overall, 45% of the tickets were resolved within one day, with 34% resolved within four hours. HireIT recently conducted their first client satisfaction survey. Early results show satisfaction levels of 73% or higher in the areas of courteous support, technical knowledge, and prompt acknowledgement of support requests. 
Next Generation Unified Communications: The Next Generation Unified Communications Project, part of ISC’s Technology Services Strategy Review Board, is evaluating and selecting new voice services at Penn. Three current services will be considered for refresh: PennNet Phone, Contact Center, and Traditional Telephony (Centrex). The proposed enterprise voice solution will integrate voice, chat, presence, and video conferencing products, with an emphasis on mobility and a consistent user experience across devices.
Next Generation Student Systems: The Next Generation Student Systems (NGSS) program Re-Planning Phase recently completed, which included validating requirements and confirming solutions for the Student Records and Financial Aid components. At the end of July, the Design Phase kicked off, which encompasses detailed “to be” process designs, system workflows, required logical and physical infrastructure definitions, functional specifications, and the future service delivery approach. The overall project timeline has been refined and engagement with Schools and Centers has begun.
Data Center Migration: The 3401 Walnut Street Data Center has served the University community for more than twenty years, and as technology has continued to evolve, the building location is no longer sustainable. The Pennovation Data Center Expansion Program will enable ISC to migrate all remaining ISC-managed systems, client-owned systems hosted in the ISC Data Center, infrastructures, and applications to an alternate location. ISC will fully decommission the 3401 Walnut Data Center presence by December 2018. The related August 3401 Walnut Data Center maintenance operation was successful.
Human Capital Management: The Human Capital Management (HCM) program aims to increase Penn’s HR and Payroll work efficiency, enhance response to changes in regulatory and compliance issues, improve the user experience, and strengthen information quality and access. Check out the HCM Update for the latest news and developments.
Cloud First: Please see our latest update including Cloud First FY 2019 goals.
PennO365: The PennO365 advisory team has been upgrading the service across campus:
  • Advanced Threat Protection & Central Mail Routing: The recently hired ISC PM for this project is evaluating proposals from three vendors.
  • Splunk Integration: We are integrating PennO365 message tracing and authentication logs into the Splunk service to give the security team better insight into threats to the Penn community.
  • Multi-factor Authentication: ISC is working toward providing multi-factor authentication for PennO365. 
Secure Penn’s operating environment while maintaining open and free sharing of information and ideas globally
Identity & Access Management: Please see the latest IAM update regarding launch of the Penn IAM program website, FY 2019 key activities, and what’s next.
Two-Step Verification: Nearly 5,000 faculty members – over 50% of Penn’s faculty – are now enrolled in Two-Step Verification. This brings the number of people using Two-Step across campus to almost 22,000, including more than 14,500 staff and contractors, and 2,000 students. ISC is currently working with schools to enroll all faculty in Two-Step, and will be kicking off an enrollment campaign for students this fall. 
Transform the culture of Penn’s approach to IT management, funding, and governance
Priorities Program: Our July Town Hall Meeting included an update on our Priorities Program.
Apptio: More than 215 clients across campus are using the Apptio Bill of IT. The NGSS Project and Undergraduate Admissions, which make up the last 20% of our billing activity, are slated to go-live by the end of this quarter.
Technology Roadmap: ISC’s Technology Roadmap was updated in July to help Penn’s technology professionals make contextual decisions within the overall University technology environment. 66 of the 167 existing tracked technologies modified in some way.
Thank you for your support,
The ISC Leadership Team
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