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Tuesday, September 1
I fully woke up out of my vacation stupor! Time to get back to work.
What do I need you to do? Choose a direction and fully commit to the actions necessary to achieve your goal(s). I am constantly talking to business owners that do not believe personal credit is vital because their monthly income is excellent. But consider this: If you will not take care of a personal debt of $10,000, why should any lender trust you with a $100,000? We are speaking of character now, since you have the money. It may only be 1 or 2 items on your report, but they will hinder you in the long run. I have plenty of stories of business owners I could not help because they waited too late or made a decesion I would have advised against. 
Obtain your credit reports today and review them. Take action. If you don't know what to do, contact me today. Do not wait until you need the cash influx or that great opportunity presents itself. 
As a business owner my credit is very important. I wasn't getting the loans I needed in order to expand and stay on top of things. I used The Credit Woman and she was able to improve my credit in order for me to get a substantial small business loan. If you want to clean up your credit, there's no doubt Tara can make it happen.
Sunday, September 27th 
Time: 2pm Location: Masjidullah, 7401 Limekiln Pike, Philadelphia
FREE and amply parking in a secured lot across from the faciltiy.
Cost: $25 RSVP today! Let's network and do referral business together.
October Workshop
The August Wealth Building for Teens workshop was rescheduled to Saturday, October 24th. Please register your youth aged 14-18 today. Limited seating. 
52 Week Challenge - Savings Made Easy
I post every Thursday on my Facebook fan page. Come visit and let me know how you are doing. Our balance is now $1998 (daughter, son-in-law and myself). Let's just call it an even $2000.  We saved this amount with what I like to call 'pizza money'.
It is Week 37 and the summer is over! It may have been a challenge to keep on track, but start where you stopped or begin again. See quote below.
To learn more about TCW (Testimonials and first TV appearance) or Calling All Female Entrepreneurs (CAFE) click on the links below.

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