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A Positively Different Public School

October 5, 2015         Vol. 11  Issue 4
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Harry's Corner
This week’s column is written by Diane Sasso, LSW, our school social worker and anit-bullying coordinator.

Week of Respect and Violence Awareness Week

Elysian is school where a respectful environment is fostered between students, faculty and staff. We work and play together in a nurturing and academically challenging environment.During October we observe the New Jersey Department of Education directive to recognize  a Week of Respect, October 5-9 and Violence Awareness Week, October 19-23.

During this time we implement character education activities that endorse respect, responsibility and tolerance. Our staff present lessons on conflict resolution, bullying prevention and digital citizenship . We do this through small group activities that are student centered and age appropriate  These school-wide activities promote a caring school community and allow our students to practice the social and emotional skills that have been found the most effective in preventing bullying.

Elysian has conscientiously implemented the requirements found in the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act. We have made progress in addressing and improving harassment , intimidation and bullying (HIB) and following the procedures and timelines for supporting our students. Additionally, Elysian students in Grades 3-8th participated in a electronic survey at the end of the 2014-15 school year. The results are very encouraging and will be released to all students and parents for review.

Some tips to help you support your child :

Possible signs and symptoms of a bullied child:

           Is your child afraid to walk to or from school?

           Does your child appear apprehensive about going to school, complain of headaches or feeling                ill prior to leaving for school in the morning?

·         Does your child come home with clothing or personal items damaged?

·         Does your child appear sad or depressed about going to school?

·         Does your child seem socially isolated with few, if any friends?

 Warning Signs that a child may be bullying at school: 

·         Does your child have a strong need to dominate and subdue others?

·         Is your child intimidating his/her siblings or children in the neighborhood?

·         Does your child brag about his/her actual or imagined superiority over other children?

·         Is your child hot-tempered, easily angered or impulsive with a low frustration level?

·         Does your child have difficulty conforming to rules and tolerating adversity or delays?


If you have any concerns about your child please contact your child’s teacher or me.

We believe in working together with parents to combat bullying, whether a child bullies, is a victim of bullying or is a witness to bullying. We appreciate your cooperation and support to make Elysian Charter School a safe and comfortable for children to learn.

Tonight at 9:00 p.m., CNN is airing a special about bullying, hosted by Anderson Cooper, entitled Being Thirteen: Teens and Social Media.  We will be using a tape of this show with some of the older children in order to discuss the issue it raises.  Here is the trailer about this show: 



Other Helpful Resources:

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


American Psychological Association

Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning

 Cyberbullying Research Center


Please know that your dues and help with our fundraisers all get us closer to our goal to provide our kids with technology at school, including one Chromebook per student in the upper grades and newer technology to assist with classroom learning like Apple TVs and projectors.

Last Chance for Coupon Books

Hi! Just a friendly reminder to send in those order forms for your KidStuff Book!! Our KidStuff sale has ended.  If you need a few days to sell some more books, that is fine. If you are unable to participate in this fundraiser, simply return the KidStuff book sent home with your child to give to his/her teacher tomorrow!! Please do not make us hunt you down.

We earn $12.50 profit for every book sold so please do your part to help raise money for your school!  Have you earned a FREE book for yourself?  Sell 5 books to your friends and family and receive ONE FREE!!
Just a few examples of the savings:

Save up to $80 at Six Flags for four people
Save up to $64 at Hershey Park
10% OFF at Sports Authority, Ann Taylor LOFT, Sears, Aeropostale, Modell’s, Brookstone, etc.       
Tons of coupons for food at McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Rita’s, Subway, Outback Steak   
and more!
Too many to list them all but you can start saving money after just one or two uses!!! This is a great fundraiser for our school and your family will save lots of money!
PTSO Dues – If you haven’t already done so, please be sure to send in your PTSO dues. $25 per child.  This money goes towards educational and recreational events for your children.  Thanks!

Picture Day – Picture Day is Friday, October 16th.  Orders are due this Friday, October 9th.  You may pay by check or online.  PLEASE NOTE that Package D is $25.00.  There were typos in the order forms sent home

Book Fair Starts Tomorrow!! Please be sure to visit the book fair in the 3rd floor lobby.  There are also books available to purchase for your teacher!
The Mobile Mill, A Traveling Paper Studio Visits Elysian
Jillian Bruschera, creator and proprietor of The Mobile Mill, an automobile outfitted with moveable machinery built to enable "pop-up" hand papermaking production, spent the day at Elysian today. 
She set up shop on our 2nd Floor, in the lobby, and spent time with both Kindergarten classes, Joanna's first Grade, the 5th grade, Kate's 6th Grade, and the 2nd grade. A good time was had by all.
She will return tomorrow and visit the third grade, fourth grade, Diane's 6th grade and Amanda's1st grade.  7th graders will have the opportunity to pop in during the day.  The 8th grade is invited to come meet Jillian and make paper after school tomorrow.
With the book fair upstairs, and paper-making downstairs, the school is abuzz with book arts.
The paper will be used, later on in the school year, to bind an Elysian Writing Anthology.  Each child will have work included.  If anyone is interested in volunteering to help with this project, please contact Lynne Shapiro.  We plan on having a reading of student work so we are also looking for a few actors...lynne.shapiro@ecsnj.org.
 Back To School Night is on Wednesday, October 7th.  This is an opportunity for you to meet your child's teachers and learn about their classrooms and program.  This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the vision and expectations that the teachers have for your child.  
During the week of November 16th we will be holding parent conferences.  These conferences are an opportunity to discuss your child's progress.  Teachers will be set up individual appointments with each family during this week.
The schedule for Wednesday, October 7th is
  • 5:45 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.--Meet the specialists.  Go into each of their rooms to talk with each teacher.  Their rooms are
    • Music--Mary Guthrie--room 219
    • Gym--Adam Froimowitz--Gymnasium, room 204
    • Art--Nikki Berger--room 306
    • Spanish--Jackie Marin--room 304
  • 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.--Classroom presentations--in your child's room.
  • The Book Fair will be up and running both before and after the classroom meetings in the third floor lobby.
Please note: Babysitting will be available, meeting in the 2nd floor lobby.

Thinking about hosting a club?  Here is some information that might help you decide.

Session I – Fall Session  -     To Begin October 26 through Dec. 4 / 18
(DEADLINE FOR Turning in Club Forms:  10:00 am – October 15

“Free” After School for your child on the day of the club!  Elysian parents who wish to lead a club can have their child/ren attend the After School Program for free during the time of the club.  The children must be of the ages of K – 8 and must attend our school.  As of this time, we do not have care options for children under the age of Kindergarten.  

What are Enrichment clubs?  The Clubs are fun/educational groups run by Elysian staff, parents or friends of the children of Elysian. Their purpose is to provide experiences outside of school which will further enrich the lives of our children.  Clubs in the past have provided opportunities in many areas that children might not normally experience.  The philosophy of the clubs mirrors that of the school, in that children will be encouraged to explore their potential and experience the joy of learning in a safe, nurturing environment.  

What does a Club leader do?  The Club leader is someone with a hobby, talent or interest that he or she would like to share with children.  Leaders volunteer their services, but can expect to be reimbursed for materials purchased (please keep receipts).  He or she should be comfortable working with a small group of children (usually no more than 10).  Club leaders should arrive no later than 2:45 PM and may leave as soon as all children are picked up at 4:00 PM by either their parents or After School.  Leaders are responsible for clean up afterwards.  If a Club meeting is canceled for any reason, it is up to the Club leader to notify parents, students and the Elysian office that the Club will not meet.

Times -   Clubs meet Monday through Thursday.  Clubs are not held on Fridays.   
 Please call Susan at 201-876-0102 to discuss other possibilities.  

Club Leader Assistance – Thinking of leading a club but afraid to do it alone?  We can sometimes find others interested in helping out. Call Susan and 201-798-1160 or e-mail at susan.gilbertson@ecsnj.org

Yes! I would like to lead a club!
Session I – Fall Session – Begins October 26 – through Dec. 4/18
Proposals Due: 10:00 am Thursday, October 15, 2015
Return to Office !
Or email:  susan.gilbertson@ecsnj.org

Name: ________________________________________________________________

Child:    _______________________________    Class:  _______________________

Telephone:  Hm._______________________     Cell:  ___________________________

E-Mail:_______________________________     Work:__________________________

Name of Club:  __________________________________________________________

Grade levels included:  (Circle all that apply)   K   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8

How many children total in the club?  ___________________

List the type of space needed:   _________________________________________

Give a summary of what a typical club day would be like.  Be sure to include topics and activities. 

List expenses associated with this club as well as necessary items & how much they will cost.  You will be provided a reasonable amount up to which you may submit receipts for reimbursement.  If you feel expenses will be more that $10 per child, list the expected cost per child.

Days Available -   Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday

*Questions?  Call Susan at 201-798-1160
Campaign For Elysian - Update
As we mentioned in a previous newsletter, unfortunately, a few donors were accidentally not included in the program given out on the day of the ribbon-cutting ceremony. As we gear up to launch Year 2 of the Campaign, we first wanted to look back and give the aforementioned contributors some extra special thanks for their generous gifts.
Lauree and Derek Barnes
Janet and Rob Jenkins
Natasa and Zoran Kanlic
Jeri and Leo Laskowski
Shana and Andrew Lee
Masha Pyshkina and Michael Volpert
Sarah and John Rutledge
Anju Starace

We’d also like to acknowledge a company match that came in from Moody’s, and extend our thanks to Maria Muller for making it happen!
Any questions or comments, please email us at CampaignForElysian@ecsnj.org. We’d love to hear from you (even if it’s just say, “Hey, what’s up? How was your weekend?”)!
Thanks again to everyone for your continued support!
For Parents of 6th Graders, From the Music Room
Dear Parents of Sixth Graders,

Most of you know already that all sixth grade students, as part of the middle school, will now be receiving letter grades from all specialist teachers.  In the sixth grade music program, all students have weekly music homework assignments.  Part of the homework is daily practice on their instrument, including work on playing pieces, improvisation, and  music reading  and writing skills. Once or twice a month I assign a short music history reading and writing assignment.   It is very important that the children do their work on a regular basis so that they do not fall behind in their class work. Making music in class is a wonderful experience when children come to class prepared.  However it can become painful and embarrassing when children fall far behind in their work.

I will be sending notes home to you from time to time, if I find that your child is falling behind due to lack of practice at home or has not turned in written assignments.   

You can help you children to remember to do their homework by asking them what their homework assignments are and when they are due.  All homework is due one week after it is assigned.  

Mary Guthrie
Music Teacher
Volunteers for HFA Open House Event//Thurs., October 8, 5:00 - 8:00 PM, Hoboken High School
Please help out at Elysian's information table at the 11th Annual Hoboken Family Alliance School Fair.  This is an opportunity for Elysian to tell potential applicants about our school, our open houses and lottery deadlines.  This is a very busy event that launches Elysian's Enrollment season; we need several volunteers.  Help out for an hour or two!  Please contact Susan Gilbertson, susan.gilbertson@ecsnj.org.
PARENT WORKSHOP:  Suicide Prevention Awareness
Presented by the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide

Elysian Charter School in collaboration with Stevens Cooperative School, The Hudson School and Hoboken Charter Schoo invites 3rd-8th grade families to a Parent Workshop titled “Suicide Prevention Awareness” Scott Fitz, C-Founder of The Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide (http://www.sptsusa.org ), will discuss the importance of raising public awareness about teen suicide  risks and what role parents can play. Parents will learn strategies for how to ask their children the right questions and to advocate for their child’s well-being.

Tuesday, October 13th


301 Garden Street (gym)

RSVP Elysian Office 201 876-0102

Any questions? Call Diane Sasso x303

KidStuff Coupon Book Fundraiser has begun!  Please look for the yellow bag in your child’s backpack.  The coupon book sent home can be yours for $25 – if you do not want it, please simply return the book to your classroom teacher.  If you would like to sell some to your friends and family, you can receive one FREE book for EVERY 5 you sell!  There will be a prize for the classroom that sells the most books (one winner for each of K-2nd, 3rd-5th and 6th-8th)
Friends of Elysian's Annual Meeting is Thursday, October 15, 6:30 PM

The Friends of Elysian will host its 2015 Annual Meeting on Thursday, October 15th, 2015 at 6:30PM at our building at 1460 Garden Street.   We will be discussing/planning our fundraising initiatives for the 2015-2016 school year and also will be accepting nominations for Friends of Elysian's 2015-2016 board of trustees.  Please consider joining the Friends of Elysian and showing your support for Elysian through fundraising!   

All Elysian community members (e.g. parents, teachers, staff, relatives, Hoboken residents) are welcome to join the Friends by attending the annual meeting or by contacting Friends of Elysian co-chairs: Kim Demopoulos (kim.demopoulos@ubs.com) or Eileen O’Brien (scotchies@aol.com).  Individuals who currently hold positions on the ECS board or any other elected position within Hoboken or Hudson county are not eligible for voting member or board of trustee or officer positions. 

We hope to see you on the 15th! 

Elysian Collects Box Tops and LABELS for Education:  Look for the container near Deb's desk in the office!  Thank you!
October Calendar
Tuesday, October 6
  • Book Fair, 3rd Floor Lobby
  • LOTS - bring a lunch for the Hoboken Shelter (collection box is located on street level in the stairway entrance)!
  • Mobile Mill Papermaking with Jillian in the 2nd Floor Lobby, Day 2
Wednesday, October 7
  • Back to School Night, 5:45 PM (note change in time)
  • 4th Grade Trip
  • Book Fair, Third Floor Lobby, open for Back to School Night
Thursday, October 8
  • New Victory Theater visits the 4th grade
  • Book Fair, 3rd Floor Lobby, continues
  • Rugby Club practice, 3:00 - 4:00 PM
Friday, October 9
  • Deadline for picture day order forms
  • Book Fair ends at 4:00 PM
Monday, October 12
  • Elysian Closed for Columbus Day
Tuesday, October 13
  • 6:30 - 7:30 PM, Suicide Prevention Awareness Workshop for Parents(See above)
  • LOTS - bring a lunch for the Hoboken Shelter!
Thursday, October 15 
  • 2nd grade trip 
  • 5th grade trip
  • Rugby Club practice, 3:00 - 4:00 PM
  • Friends of Elysian Annual Meeting (see above), 6:30 PM
  • Deadline for turning in Club Forms, 10:00 AM
Friday, October 16
  • Photo Day
Tuesday, October 20
  • LOTS - bring a lunch for the Hoboken Shelter!
Wednesday, October 21
  • Half Day of School, 12:30 dismissal for Staff Development, After School Program available
  • 7th and 8th grade overnight trip
  • PTSO Meeting, 6:30 PM, Pizza and childcare available
Thursday, October 22
  • 2nd grade trip
  • Rugby Club practice, 3:00 - 4:00 PM
Friday, October 23
  • 7th and 8th graders return from overnight trip
Saturday, October 24
  • Halloween Party,   1:00 – 3:00 PM
Monday, October 26
  • High School Night 5:30 p.m.
  • Enrichment Clubs begin
  • Board of Trustees Meeting, 7:00 PM
Tuesday, October 27
  • LOTS - bring a lunch for the Hoboken Shelter!
Thursday, October 29
  • 8th grade trip
  • Rugby Club practice, 3:00 - 4:00 PM

1460 Garden Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
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