Happy Fall, y'all!
Happy Fall, y'all!
pALS Newsletter - October 2021
We are excited to share our Fall newsletter filled with information, tips, and stories. Part of our mission at Team Gleason is to be a resource and connect with pALS and cALS around the country.
Fall is here - can you believe it?! We've got some great stories in this issue including an touching testimonial, a fun Halloween costume guide, and more!

Staff Highlight: Michael Holloway

Louisiana native Michael Holoway is a perfect addition to the Team Gleason Technology and Equipment program. His experience in leadership, management, and customer service is incredibly valuable for Team Gleason’s mission, but also critically important to the ALS community.

In joining Team Gleason, Michael said, “the ability to bring positive change into people's lives is the most rewarding thing I have ever had the pleasure of doing in my professional life.” Michael is a life-long Saints fan and that kind of fighting spirit is a job requirement at Team Gleason.

pALS Testimonial: Sarah D.

Sarah’s story is one of the many examples of why technology and equipment is vital to giving people living with ALS the sense of independence that everyone deserves.
“I am 39 and got diagnosed last year with ALS. I was always very active outdoors running, hiking, biking and paddle boarding. I am still walking and using a walker 24/7, but I am limited in how long I can walk. Recently, being at my doctors office and speaking with them about a wheelchair was very overwhelming. It was going to encompass a lot of changes. I would’ve had to get a different vehicle to transport a 400 pound chair because insurance only pays for one chair. And also wouldn’t have fit in our one bedroom apt. I felt bummed because I’m in between equipment and I felt limited. I reached out to Team Gleason and got an immediate response. Speaking with the representative was amazing. He was helpful, informative and very patient. There was quite a few options and measurements to consider for the EZ cruiser and it folds and fits in my SUV. 
Yesterday was the first day that I took it out and got to go to the Trail downtown that I used to run weekly. I hadn’t been there in close to a year. I was also able to take my dogs which means a lot to me because I miss walking them. The trail is groomed but the larger tires worked great for getting me outside in the areas that I wouldn’t be able to go with my walker. 
For me, it’s hard to take that first step to sit in a chair but it was very relaxing. Just to be able to look at the lake, trees, my friends and my dogs. I’m normally looking at the ground while using my walker. It feels great to have options."
- Sarah D., Austin, TX
Mt. Strachan Hike to Support Team Gleason
Last month’s Mount Strachan Hike supporting Team Gleason was a huge success! The annual hike, which routes over Mount Strachan in West Vancouver, Canada, included over 25 people who climbed the 5,000 ft summit. All together, they raised more than $800 CAD in support of Team Gleason. Thanks to Strachan Liberman, the Liberman family, and their friends for supporting us year after year and for their dedication to furthering Team Gleason’s mission of helping people living with ALS.
Comcast Adaptive Remote
Team Gleason's Speech Language Pathologist, Emily Kornman, shows how the Comcast / Cox Assistive Remote can help those with ALS have more independence using the device.
Team Gleason's Speech Language Pathologist, Emily Kornman, showcases how the Comcast Adaptive Remote can help pALS have more independence when using their devices. This web-based remote is now available to both Comcast and Cox subscribers.
Click on your service provider below to login and try it for yourself!
For Cox Subscribers
For Comcast Subscribers
Project Activate for Android
The newest Android accessibility app helps people communicate using facial gestures and preset actions if they’re unable to speak or use their phone with their hands. From texting a loved one to getting a caregiver’s attention, people can now use the app to speak phrases, play audio, send messages and more.
Dress to Impress 

Halloween Costume Guide

Halloween is almost here...time to start planning for your costume!
Whether your style is spooky or silly, or you're looking for group costumes for the whole family, we've got some wheelchair-friendly Halloween looks that you'll love, including some of Steve's favorites from past few years!
Dressing up this year? Be sure to send us your photos and tag Team Gleason on social media!
View Our Halloween Costume Guide
Virtual Zoom Gatherings
Join our next Team Gleason Virtual Zoom Gathering for both those living with ALS and their caregivers.
We are inviting anyone - no matter where you live! First Thursday of
Every Month at 12pm CST
Need Additional Support?
First Wednesday of Each Month | 8pm CST: A gathering focused on adult children of persons living with ALS
First Thursday of Each Month | 1pm CST: A gathering focused on wives of men living with ALS

If you would like to be invited to participate in one, please email

Choose to Reuse

To return or donate equipment please contact returns@teamgleason.org so we can best assist with the logistics of the return or donation. If we are able to accept the donation then Team Gleason will email prepaid shipping labels for the boxes. 

We are your support team.

Share Your Story!
If you'd like to share a story about your experience with Team Gleason or how we have supported you in your ALS journey, please email Kacie.Banegas@teamgleason.org.
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