Spring has finally sprung!
Spring has finally sprung!
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The Institute for Learning in Retirement: Engaged, Enriched, Enlightened.
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Bring a friend to class week

Join us for our first-ever Bring a Friend to Class week. ILR is twice the fun when shared with a friend. If you currently attend a course in a classroom with open seats, bring a friend along (with instructor approval) to the last meeting of the class, and introduce them to the joys of ILR. To do this week: Identify the class and the friend, then ask the instructor for his/her permission.

Verify these dates 

The following tours and Special Events are full with waiting lists. If you've registered for any of these and find you can no longer attend, please notify us ASAP. If you'd like to be added to the waiting list for any of these events--we DO routinely go completely through some of our waiting lists--please contact the ILR office. For tour descriptions, see pages 5-7 of the ILR catalog.
Angels in the Grove Tram Tour - Monday, May 7
Trash Talk and Tour of Rumpke Recycling - Monday, May 7
Watered Down and Mounded Up tour - Tuesday, May 8
ILR Annual Meeting and Ice Cream Social - Friday, May 11
If You Build It, They Will Come tour - NEW DATE - Thursday, May 17

Calling all shutterbugs

We need your ILR photos. Classes, walking tours, and bus trips are all excellent opportunities to capture what makes ILR so unique--its people. Snap away, then send your pics to us.
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Time for an upgrade?

On May 15th, 2018, Cvent--ILR's onlne registration system--will be disabling encryption ciphers and protocols across their product platforms that are no longer considered secure by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). 
As a result, ILR's online registration will no longer be accessible from some older versions of web browsers. If you are still using these older versions, you must upgrade them in order to access our online registration system. 
The following browsers will no longer be supported as of May 15th: 
Google Chrome version 29 and below
Mozilla Firefox version 26 and below
Microsoft Internet Explorer version 10 and below
Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile 10 and below
Apple Safari version 6 and below
If you need to update your browser and are wondering how to go about it, this tutorial explains all.

Add this to your list

  1. Attend all remaining classes. We all have spring fever, but our instructors have worked hard and deserve your attendance.
  2. At the conclusion of your classes, thank your instructors. They are all generously giving their time for ILR and you. If you want to hear more, encourage them to teach again. See call for proposals below.
  3. Look for your member survey to arrive via email in mid-May. It'll be sent after all classes and events have wrapped up.
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Call for proposals
Are you sitting in class wondering how you can share your own expertise? Jump in! We're actively planning the curriculum for our fall 2018 semester, October 1 through November 2

Whether the passion for your subject matter stems from your career, hobby, or life experiences, you'll find an audience that's eager, interested and hoping you'll consider proposing a course for ILR. To get started, complete our course proposal form, which is also on our website under Volunteer - Teaching.

You, too, could end up leaving a quote such as this one received from a recent instructor: "It is a joy to teach to a classroom full of interested, enthusiastic and engaged learners. I can honestly say that my involvement in ILR has given my retirement a richness that I had not anticipated. The learning, the stimulation, and the sense of community are invaluable."

We're looking for fresh perennial favorites in literature/writing, science/nature/horticulture, technology/photography, art/theater/music, current events/politics, health/nutrition, sports, geography/history, philosophy/religion, or whatever else is on your mind. 

Ideas? Suggestions? Recommendations? Propose a class at the link above or email us at ilr@MiamiOH.edu. Proposal deadline for the fall semester is May 1.
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Side dishes

Tomorrow! Richmond Shakespeare Festival and Miami University present a rare opportunity to see all four of the early "folio" editions of The Collected Plays of Shakespeare, Saturday, April 21, 2-5pm, Special Collections and University Archives, 3rd floor, King Library, 151 S. Campus Ave., Oxford.

Where and how should American citizens access trustworthy news, how do journalists determine real from fake news, and how can the average citizen identify fake news and avoid accidentally promoting it through social media? These questions and more are of great importance to citizens across greater Cincinnati and the nation. - April 26, VOA Museum

21 Years of Excellence in 
Lifelong Learning

Join us this year! 
Spring: April 2 thru May 4, 2018

Fall: October 1 thru November 2, 2018 

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