From the Camp Director, 

September has been a busy month with retreat groups and a field trip with Warren Central Elementary School. We really appreciate all the volunteers that have come and helped us through this month. It's great to have some supporting church ministers who can come and help facilitate activites when we need them. We really appreciate Jason Schimke, Jesse Zeigler & Kurt Flora for helping out. 
I wanted to give a little finance update: Our budget for 2019 is $589,835.00. In order to reach that budget we rely on our churches, retreats, summer camp registration, and individual donations. Our projected income for Churches for 2019 was $200,000. We have received, as of October 1st, $152,748. Projected income for summer camp registration was $280,000, received $284,120.  Projected income for off season rental groups & retreats was $70,000 and received so far $47,300. Projected income for individual donors was $70,000 and we have received $34,303. We had projected $30,000 in other types of income. With the committments we have received from our churches we believe we will be close to the $200,000 projected income. Where we need help is with individual donors. 
We are grateful to the Lord for the way He has provided for Hanging Rock.  God is so faithful, and the aspect of giving is one of the most puzzling to the world around us. As there are only a few months to the end of the year, we are starting to work on the budget for next year. We are about $35,697 behind in individual projected donations in order to meet the current budget.  Church donations are up about $4,000 from last year, Praise the Lord. We really could use more individuals making a monthly contribution, of any size, to help Hanging Rock with the general fund. If you would like to start giving on a monthly basis you can either do so by giving online on the website or  by mailing a check to the camp. 
Please know that we do not take for granted either your prayers OR your giving!
II Corinthians 9:7 in the Amplified Version says this; “Let each one give [thoughtfully and with purpose] just as he has decided in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver [and delights in the one whose heart is in his gift]."
Once again, on behalf of the Camp, thank you for giving and I encourage you to continue to prove God this next year, lets band together for the cause of Christ!
Gary Baker, Executive Director
Hanging Rock Christian Camp

Monthly Donations
Hello Church Leaders! Do you have a desire to increase the level of commitment in your leadership of your church? Do you wish that you could find ways to recruit and equip new leaders to help your church grow? Do you wish you had more of a connection between your leaders and staff? Then you need to come to the THE ROCK Leadership Summit at Hanging Rock Christian Camp the first weekend of November, 2019.
In 2018 our leadership team for the WCEA went through a vision casting process and we determined that we wanted to be bold, like the folks who started the WCEA in its beginning. They did bold things like plant churches and of course helped to found our camp! We wanted to do some bold things, that took us outside our comfort zone. We started by stretching ourselves by bringing in top notch nationally recognized speakers to share God’s Word with us. Another bold idea that God laid on our hearts was the need to grow the leaders of our churches and help develop new leaders! That is where this event was born from.
The cost of the event is $50, which will cover the meals, supplies, and programming for the weekend. Any additional proceeds from the event will be given to Hanging Rock Camp. Church staff teams or individuals are invited to begin attending at 6pm on Thursday the 7th for some staff only training from our keynote speaker, Dr. Gary Johnson from the E2: Effective Elders organization. On Friday at 6pm, we will be joined by our church leaders, Elders, Deacons, and potential future leaders for the Friday night into Saturday morning sessions.
We will be finished by 1:30 on Saturday afternoon, so you will still have some weekend left when we finish! Registration is open at REGISTER YOUR LEADERSHIP TEAM TODAY!
In Him,
Jeff Keller—2019 WCEA President and Summit Event Coordinator - Questions? 765-366-1410
Bathroom Project Update

We estimate it will cost between $13,000 - $16,000 for each bathroom in the dorms and that the Hilton will cost $45,000 (this will also include new flooring throughout the building).
We are asking those that want to see the bathrooms remodeled to help us raise the money. You can help by joining our fundraisers, donating and also by asking others to donate. Our plan is to raise enough by December to do the Boys Dorm. When we say that, the girls get upset, we can do both the girls and the boys if we get enough donations. All it takes is MONEY!
Next year we will be doing more fundraisers to raise money for the girls dorm and the Hilton. Please be supportive of this project and our fundraisers.

To make this happen, we will be having a few fundraisers. We will need individuals to step up and help as well. If 200 people would commit to only $100.00 a month for October-December that will get us to $60,000 and let us have enough cash on hand to be able to remodel the Boy's dorm by the end of the year. Please be in prayer for this need. We are also looking for churches that would be willing to take on a single bathroom to help with demo and the remodel it would save a lot of money.
Bathroom Donations


October is a great month to volunteer at Hanging Rock:  cutting firewood for our winter retreats and for next summer, raking and mowing leaves, light maintenance for the winter months, etc.  If you can volunteer or you would like to bring a group from your church to help we would really appreciate it. Below is also a list of other projects we could use help with. 
If you see something on the list that you or your church would like to help us get accomplished that would be great!
Email to let us know.

Sandblast and repair concrete floor in dining hall

New fence on west end of House of Eve and zip line area

Repair leaks in 2 LDC classroom windows

Replace roof on small shop

Replace roof on Canteen

Paint the exterior of Boy's Dorm


2020Summer Camp Theme: Identity

                        Who am I?

                        Who do I belong to?

                        Where did I come from?

                        Why am I here?

                        Where am I going?
These are all questions we will be helping students/children wrestle with this summer. 
We have updated the website with
Summer Camp 2020 dates.  
Help Needed: We are needing Event Coordinators for Jr. High Wilderness, 5th-6th Grade Wilderness & 5th-6th Grade Paintball. We would like to do an offsite trip again this year for missions, but need an Event Coordinator for that as well. If you are interested in these you can email Todd- or Gary-

Calendar of Events

December 1 - Fundraiser Banquet - Information Coming Soon
January 17-18 - Winterfest - 4-6 Grade  Retreat
January 24-25 - Ladies Overnight Retreat 
February 14-15 - Jr. High Retreat 
February 28-29 - 8th -12th Grade Girls Retreat

We will be making an announcement in the next couple of weeks about who we have hired as our NEW MAINTENANCE DIRECTOR . PLEASE KEEP THIS IN YOUR PRAYERS! 
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