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It's 4th Quarter and what I am most frightened of is not accomplishing my 2016 goals. How about you?
This is a great article to help businesses accomplish their goals, but the 4 main points are:
1) Be crystal clear on your personal income number and revenue goal.

2) Call your best/biggest clients first.

3) Call your "A" Leads Next.

4) Start visualizing how it feels now that you've accomplished your revenue goal.

And if changing your relationship with your money is on your list, I can help you!
It will be a Treat, not a Trick.
Perhaps you do not need full credit counseling or you need to have a good handle on your money. If so, check out my very affordable services ($50 or $75). 
Can you afford not to be clearly informed? 

"The one on the left took my credit to a score I didn't think was ever possible and the one on the right took S. Murphy Auto Repair to the next level!" #myfinancialconsultant #mybusinessconsultant — with Tara Colquitt and Nicole Azizah Newman.

Event: 7th Annual Business Technology Expo

Thanks so much for the beautiful testimonial Sandas Abdul-Aziz Murphy. But most importantly a person needs to ASK for assistance. 

Who should you work with? TCW Knows!
I am working on adding my 'best kept secret' business associates to my website.
Take a moment to review and connect
This month's additions:
Next Year ~ 2017
Sunday, September 24th, 2-6pm
  What an amazing event! As you can see from the photo we had fun. If you were not there, just ask somebody that was. LOL Two standing ovations for our guest speaker Renee Amour and for our only C.A.F.E. graduate able to attend Jona'e McAllister.
Please join our FB event page to stay in the know. Nicole and I are currently looking for another venue with a capacity of 150, will allow outside catering and has ample onsite parking. Thanks for the referral in advance! 
Go to the 7th Annual Business Technology Expo to learn more about the event, attendees comments, vendor information and why you should attend next year! 
C.A.F.E begins: Thursday, October 13th!
Join the final Orientation Call on the 9th!
We are a sorority of Women in Business with the intention to work together to grow ourselves personally and in business to affect change in our communities.
"If it wasn't for Cohort 10 and accountability I would have hit some roadblocks and stopped. Sure I would have tried to get it done, but I would have been scattered and missed the important things. In my year of systems, I feel a sense of accomplishment." 
Cymande Lewis, Owner of Cynful Bliss, 2016 Graduate
Contact me today to assist you with any savings, budgeting and/or credit needs.
To learn more about TCW (Testimonials and first TV appearance) or Calling All Female Entrepreneurs (CAFE) click on the links below.

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