Programs will end 2 weeks early on November 22. Plan to resume January 11.
Programs will end 2 weeks early on November 22. Plan to resume January 11.
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Important Safety Message

Over the past several months, Saddle Up! has been vigilant about ensuring that our Saddle Up! family remains as safe as possible during the pandemic. Because of these efforts, we are thankful that we have not had to close due to an active case of COVID-19. We remain in safe status as of this date!
  • Thank you, for checking your temperature, symptoms and exposure status when you arrive.
  • Thank you for signing in and out so we have a contact tracing list.
  • Thank you for wearing a mask and social distancing. 

    Your cooperation has kept us all safe to this point in time.
However, in light of the recent dramatic uptick in active COVID-19 cases, we plan to take action to continue to keep our Saddle Up! family safe over the holidays.
We will close our Fall Semester programming two weeks early, effective Sunday, November 22, 2020. We plan to return for Spring Semester on January 11, 2021, which allows a longer space after holiday travels. Please remain mindful that circumstances may demand a different plan.  
During this hiatus our herd will be well cared for by our staff and scheduled volunteers.
As always, if you need anything during this time, please email or call (615) 794-1150 x 340
We wish you the very best of health through this holiday season and in 2021, from all of us at Saddle Up!.

Laurie Kush, Executive Director  & the Saddle Up! Executive Board
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