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LA County Arts Ed Collective | Celebrating 20 Years
We are excited to announce the 20th anniversary of the Los Angeles County Arts Education Collective! The past two decades have brought dramatic changes in public education, arts and culture, youth development, and in the creative industries that drive our region’s economy. But one thing has remained constant: our deep commitment to ensuring young people have access to the arts—all year, every year—as a core part of their growth and development.

In 2001, a research study commissioned by the Arts Education Task Force of Arts for LA revealed stark disparities in how arts education was delivered in schools across Los Angeles County. Civic leaders representing the arts and public education proposed a coordinated approach, involving many stakeholders, to address the problem. This led the LA County Board of Supervisors, LA County Arts Commission (now Department of Arts and Culture), and the LA County Office of Education to all adopt the first Regional Blueprint for Arts Education in 2002, launching the Arts Ed Collective as a countywide initiative focused on changing public systems so that all young people grow up with the arts.

Today the Arts Ed Collective operates as a robust coalition of school districts, charter school networks, arts organizations, County agencies, and philanthropic partners who work together to bring arts education to young people in schools and communities across the region. Imagination and creativity helped to build LA County, and will be needed for continued success into the future. We believe all young people, from all neighborhoods, should have access to meaningful learning opportunities that will allow them to creatively contribute to our shared future.
20 Years of Innovation in Arts Education
20 years of Innovation in Arts Education
The Arts Ed Collective started with a mission and an idea, and has evolved over 20 years into a force for innovation that is now a national model for broad-scale change in arts education. We’re humbled and proud of our history, and want to acknowledge and celebrate everyone who has played a role in it. Our journey has been uniquely rewarding, with many lessons as well as successes. That’s why we’re creating a commemorative retrospective which will arrive in your in-boxes later this fall. Stay tuned for more to come!
A Blueprint for Arts Education: Two Years In
Blueprint for Arts Education: Two Years In
It has been two years since the Board of Supervisors adopted the new Regional Blueprint for Arts Education (Arts Ed Blueprint), which, importantly, extended the work of the Arts Ed Collective beyond schools and into communities. This new framework for action prioritizes equity, calling for resources to be directed toward young people who historically have been excluded from opportunities to engage in the arts, and sets a path forward for continued work into the next decade.

To achieve the goals outlined in the new Arts Ed Blueprint, our collective work is organized across six key strategies for impacting change:

  • School-based arts education
  • Community-based arts education
  • Creative career pathways for youth
  • Shared leadership and learning
  • Communications and advocacy
  • Research and evaluation
These past two years have been uniquely challenging. Yet while COVID-19 forced new approaches to teaching and learning, it also led to breakthroughs in virtual and hybrid instruction that continue to complement in-person learning. Opportunity gaps exacerbated by the pandemic now underscore the Blueprint’s emphasis on equity and access, and push all members of the Arts Ed Collective to focus on young people who historically have not had access to robust arts instruction.
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National Arts in Education Week
National Arts In Education Week
We are pleased to announce our 20th anniversary as part of National Arts in Education Week: a national celebration that honors those who participate in arts education and highlights its importance and ability to change lives.

National Arts in Education Week was designated by Congress in 2010 through House Resolution 275, providing much-deserved recognition to an often overlooked aspect of our education system. As the resolution states, “arts education has the power to make students want to learn not just within the arts, but other areas of study.” We have seen this first-hand throughout our 20 years of working with educators and teaching artists—both in schools and in communities.

It is an honor and privilege every day to work alongside committed partners in arts education, and National Arts in Education Week provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the joy of both teaching and learning in the arts. We encourage all of you to celebrate this week in your own way.
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The LA County Arts Education Collective (Arts Ed Collective) is the regional initiative dedicated to making the arts a core part of every child’s growth and development.

Established by the Board of Supervisors in 2002, the Arts Ed Collective is coordinated by the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture.


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