Gary Baker

From the Camp Director

I do not do this as often as I should. But, I just want to brag on our Board of Directors. They get very little credit for all that they do and how they serve here at Hanging Rock, they do so without wanting any credit. We have a great group of guys that are serving with humility in a lot of different roles to help Hanging Rock make a HUGE difference in the lives of youth and adults. 
I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on all that our board does and let everyone know that I appreciate their dedication to this important role of Leadership at Hanging Rock. 
Just in the month of February alone, we have had board members serve in the kitchen-wiping down tables after Jr. High kids made a HUGE mess. We have had a board member volunteer his time to lead an outreach of this camp- Mission Crossfire. We have had board members faithfully come and serve next to Tom and help him with projects and maintenance issues of the camp, we have board members that are working on our policies, finances and so much more!!! They have taken steps to address and resolve issues in a way that keeps Christ at the center of it all.

I know that our supporters and supporting churches aren't always aware of what goes on behind the scenes and that they don’t get to see all of the different hats worn all throughout the year. I do, however, recognize our board's faithful service. They give time, energy, finances and heart to this service, and for that I am thankful.

“Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves me.”
–John 12: 26

This verse from the gospel of John provides us with the clear truth about servanthood: those who serve Jesus must follow Him, and our Father will honor His servant.

You know, serving on the board of Hanging Rock is no easy task, especially overseeing the camp director! LOL!  Yet they have accepted that responsibility and remained faithful in service. They serve with grace and turn their eyes upon Jesus, and we could not ask for more.

If you see any of our Board members please thank them for what they do! Here is a list of our board members:
Pat Conder (Second Church of Christ), John Peterson ( Hickman Heights), Jim Morgan (Williamsport Christian Church), Neil Ellis ( Rossville Church of Christ), Forest Tague (Sterling Christian Church), Owen Moudy (First Church of Christ of Covington), Chris Smith (Lebanon Christian Church), John Clausen (New Brunswick Church of Christ), Dave Adams (New Hope Christian Crawfordsville), Brad Hiller (Attica Christian Church)
Gary Baker - Executive Director
Hanging Rock Christian Camp

News by the Numbers:

$26,500- the amount raised so far for the Pool Fund
$15,500- the amount still needed for the Pool Fund
February has been a great month for registrations: in 2015 we had 192 registered, 2016 we had 152 registered, 2017 we had 308 registered (Crazy YEAR) 2018 we had 124 and this year just in February we have had 201
441 - registered this year
2 - Spots available for Jr. High Horse Camp - 1 spot for a boy and 1 spot for a girl. 
4 - Spots left for High School Adventure camp
12- Different retreats in January & February. 
10- The number of horses the camp now owns. 

Ladies Night 

Make plans to attend the Spring Fling at Hanging Rock, April 11. Kendra Smiley- will be the speaker. She is a national speaker and author and can be heard daily on her radio program: Live Life Intentionally. She also has a TV program and a blog.  This is also our Spring Bring so make sure to load up on supplies to help the camp be prepared for the Summer season. 

Pool Update:

We have raised $26,500 for the pool project as of right now. We have had 25 out of 70 of our supporting churches say YES they want to help and have given to this project. We have also had some individuals that have helped make this project possible. We still need to raise an additional $15,500 before April 1st so that we have the money on hand to replace the pool liner, concrete and fence. We still have not heard from several of our supporting churches. Please be in prayer that we can raise the money for this project. The money we do not raise, we will need to borrow. We really do not want to do this. 

Summer Camp Registration- Early Bird

We have extended the early bird registration until March 15, 2019. That is 2 extra weeks to get that early discount.


May 4, 2019
Start planning now to bring a group to prepare the camp for the Summer season. There will be projects for all skill levels, age groups and both men and women. Be on the lookout in next month's newsletter for the list of projects we hope to accomplish on that day. 


When you register for 3rd & 4th Main, 5th & 6th Main, 7th & 8th Main, High School Main and some of our wilderness camps you will have an option to spend sometime at horse camp for a riding lesson and a trail ride. We are doing riding lessons on Monday & Wednesday and trail rides on Tuesday & Thursday. There is an extra cost for this. We are excited to expand our horse camp ministry in this way and it will give us the opportunity to use the horses more than just during horse camp.
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