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September 2017
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At Notre Dame:
A researcher was exposed to an unknown chemical and received a small burn on the underside of his wrist. He was wearing a coverall gown at the time.  For more information, see Safety Alert - Chemical Burn Incident.

At Non-Notre Dame Locations:

In February there was a minor explosion at CyOptics in Allentown, PA resulting in three employees being injured.  OSHA conducted an inspection and found 3 serious violations that resulted in $28,067 in fines. The workers were handling the flammable compound, trimethylindium, which ignited and caused a minor explosion and fire.  OSHA identified the following:

  • Non adherence to the Safety Data Sheet.
  • Failure to wear flame retardant clothing.
  • Inadequate training.
For additional details you can access the news article here.

A few system enhancements have been implemented. These include (1) Auto submission feature for media-based courses (green checkmark does NOT need to be clicked), and, (2) A reminder message on the launch course screen reminding users to click the green checkmark for non-media-based courses.

Additionally, the following are provided as reminders:
  • Some courses require supplemental materials to be reviewed. Be sure to download and review any additional material on the Launch Course Page before submitting.
  • If you have trouble launching a course, check your pop-up blockers and be sure that they allow for Metric Stream (
For general questions, comments, and concerns, please contact the complyND Team at
                              ENVIRONMENTAL CORNER
Secondary Containment for Hazardous Waste 

One waste-related change to note; all hazardous waste containers shall be stored in secondary containment (trays, tubs, totes) large enough to contain 10% of the total volume of the waste containers or 100% of the volume of the largest waste container, whichever is greater. Any questions pertaining to secondary containment use and compatibility can be directed to Jason DeWispeleare.

Failure To Correct Violations at Los Alamos National Laboratory Leads To Fire And Injured Worker

State inspectors found several serious issues that could cost the lab thousands of dollars in fines. Violations included:

Failure to label hazardous waste
Unsealed hazardous waste container
Failure to train workers properly on hazardous waste

These violations are among several ongoing serious issues that bring uncertainty to safety of the lab. You can read the full article detailing the fire and other serious issues here.

For questions on how to properly manage hazardous waste please contact Erin Hafner or call 631-7889.
                                       RMS INTERN
This past summer, Risk Management & Safety had the opportunity to host an intern, Emily Haines. She is a graduate student in Public Health at the University of Texas Health Center at Houston. Her main goal after graduation is to become a biosafety professional with emphasis in infection prevention.

During her internship she shadowed Lisa Phillips to become familiar with elements of the biosafety program. She also spent time meeting with various University personnel including members from NDSP and NDFD regarding emergency response, members from ND Research regarding Tech Transfers, Material Transfer Agreements, Export Controls an Biosafety compliance, and the Coordinator of epidemiology at Memorial Hospital regarding infection prevention. Emily was also provided with the opportunity to suit up and conduct an inspection of the BSL-3 lab while being accompanied by Dr. Schorey and Jason DeWispeleare. We thank all for the time you spent with Emily.

As a final project for the internship, Emily presented a case study of The Fatal Laboratory-Acquired Bacterial Meningitis (August 2011-San Francisco) to RMS Staff and members of the Institutional Biosafety Committee. Emily's presentation can be downloaded here.

We appreciate Emily's hard work and wish her well in her future endeavors.

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