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Dear Candidate,

As a reminder, all exam candidates must follow the ARE Candidate Agreement, which outlines the policies around confidentiality of the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®). Candidates who violate the agreement are subject to serious repercussions per the sanctions outlined in the Policy and Procedures for Testing Irregularities.

NCARB recognizes that the vast majority of ARE candidates adhere to the candidate agreement and continue to maintain strict exam confidentiality. Unfortunately, we have had three serious cases of candidate misconduct in the past few months, as well as other minor violations of testing policies.

Each serious case involved candidates documenting or sharing the content they were tested on during a division of the ARE. These violations resulted in suspension of testing privileges and invalidation of division scores. In some cases, violations such as these could also lead to further disciplinary action by your jurisdictional licensing board, including forfeiture of the privilege to earn a license to practice architecture.

NCARB wants to be sure every candidate understands the candidate agreement and important testing policies. A few key things to remember:
  • Candidates must not attempt to access ARE test content that is being shared by other parties. If you become aware of real ARE test content being shared, please inform NCARB so we can take proper action to protect the ARE’s integrity.

  • Candidates must never share specifics about the questions, scenarios, graphics, or possible answers to questions they saw while testing.

  • Candidates must not document any notes after testing that identify the specifics of a question, scenario, graphic, or the possible answers to a question. Documenting the specifics of any question, even to be used for your own personal studying, is a violation of exam policy.

  • When at the test center, your cell phone must immediately be placed into the locker provided after checking in to the appointment. You must not access your cell phone at any time during your exam appointment, including while on break.

ARE candidates have been sanctioned for each of the violations above, causing them to have exam scores invalidated and their testing privileges suspended. Again, NCARB knows that most candidates never violate the security of the exam, and we greatly appreciate the professional nature of our test-taking community.


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