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February 13, 2017         Vol. 12  Issue 23
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Harry's Corner
From the Huffington Post, January 3, 2016
This article was sent to me by one of our middle school parents, Debra Pelto
Top 15 Things Your Middle School Kid Wishes You Knew
Rachedl Vail, author of 'Unfriended'


1. Respect me. I’m my own person, not just your kid. Sometimes I might have opinions that differ from yours. Sometimes I just want to be your baby. Respect me either way.
2. I still want to have fun with you, and feel like home is safe and happy. Smile at me.
3. I need to make some of my own choices, and maybe some of my own mistakes. Don’t do my work for me or get me out of every jam. You don’t need to be better than me at everything. Don’t condescend; you don’t need to impart your elderly wisdom on me if I have a problem. Please wait for me to ask for your help. If I don’t ask for it, I might want to work it out for myself. Let me rant without offering advice. Sometimes that’s all I really need, just to talk my way through something and for you to just listen to me.
4. Sometimes I’m going to be moody and annoyed and frustrated. You need to just let that happen (though you shouldn’t let me be rude to you; that’s weird and embarrassing). It might just be a mood or something might be going on that I’m not ready to talk about yet. If you hang around doing stuff near me and don’t interrupt or try to solve it as soon as I start, I might feel comfortable talking with you about things.
5. Trust that I’ll do my work. If I don’t, you can help me manage my time, but wait until I’m not taking care of responsibilities to think I can’t. Don’t just assume I can’t handle responsibility because of my age. Believe in me.
6. It feels really good when you ask me to teach you about what I’m learning or what I’m good at. You don’t have to be awesome at computer programming to let me teach you some cool stuff, for instance. I have to be a beginner constantly. Show me it’s OK to stay relaxed and present when you are struggling to learn something.
7. I don’t like the drama either, and it surprises me as much as it does you. You think it’s rough having this alien lunatic in your house? Try having it in your body, and you can’t even get away.
8. If you don’t like my friends, it feels like you don’t trust my judgment or like I am stupid about choosing friends. Or both. Ask me what I like about them, or what we have fun doing together, or just to tell you about a new friend. Stay open-minded. Still, if you think my friends are being bad to me, I need you on my side that much more.
9. Sometimes I am completely overwhelmed and need to zone out for a while. I am not becoming a slug and will not stay in my room staring at a screen for the rest of my life. Maybe just for the rest of the afternoon.
10. I will fight you every step of the way if you make me do stuff I don’t want to do (get some exercise, do my homework, write a thank-you note, practice piano, apologize to my sister, take a shower, wear deodorant... so many things), but you should probably make me do them anyway. I know I will feel better if I sweat and shower each day, and develop my study skills, and show up tomorrow prepared, and, and, and. I know! But please don’t overwhelm me. I might not be able to do what I should right away. I might need reminders, later, which will annoy me completely. Remind me anyway.
11. Explain why I’m being criticized or punished. It feels scary if I don’t understand anything beyond that you are mad at me. And sometimes what I need more than a scolding is a hug or a cuddle. Especially when I am more porcupine than puppy.
12. I need to have private jokes with my friends and not explain them to you. It’s how we bond. You don’t need to be involved in every aspect of my life to still be loved and needed by me.
13. If my social life gets to be too much, I may need you to force a little vacation from it on me. But most of time what I need is to work through how to navigate life online and with peers. Now is my chance to learn how to deal, with your help. Just shutting it down keeps me from learning how to build my life online with scaffolding provided by you. Stay calm and cool, let me explain what’s going on, and talk things through with me. Ask more, tell less.
14. Especially if I’ve been feeling stressed, maybe you could just hang out with me. Go to the park or get an ice cream or have a catch, whatever; it feels good to just do something together without discussing or solving or teaching anything.
15. I like it when you think I’m funny. Or interesting. Or awesome. I actually do care what you think about me. Please find something specific you actually like about me because sometimes I can’t find anything in myself to like at all. I might roll my eyes, but your words and judgments do matter to me, and I will remember them, the good and the bad. I will keep them with me like treasures even when I lose my keys and wallet and ID. Which I probably will. More than once. Sorry.
And bonus extra important thing you should know: The fact that my opinions on this and anything else might change tomorrow does not mean I don’t feel them fiercely today. Keep up. I love you. Remind me you still love me, too.
What A Wonderful Gift 
In the top drawer of her nightstand, my wife keeps the four year old report written by my older son’s preschool teacher.  He is now an adult, living in New York City with a really interesting career.  Every once in a while I catch my wife reading that report.  In it we see so many of the seeds that predicted whom he would became.   
On Wednesday your child’s teacher will give you the report that he/she has written that reflects your child’s learning, growth and interactions with peers and adults.  This is a wonderful gift to you.  In years to come you too will also see the seeds that lead to your child’s adult personality and life. This is, however, more than a memory, it is an insight on how your child interacts when you are not there.  It is an opportunity to celebrate strengths and address any concerns.  Please read these carefully.  Please respond to the teacher who spent so much time working on these reports--with a thank you or a question or any thoughts that you may have. It is a labor of love on the part of the staff.
7th and 8th Grade Seminars
Our 7th and 8th graders take two seminars each semester.  The seminars are designed to be theme related courses that allow students to learn about topics and areas beyond the regular curriculum and based upon personal interest.  This photograph is a group of middle school students along with
physical therapist (and parent) Marcia Wholf who shared her knowledge of physical therapy with the students. 
                 First career seminar of the year: Marcia Wholf speaks about her career as a physical                        therapist.
CHILI COOK-OFF THANK YOU - A big thank you to all who made the Chili Cook-Off a success, including our welcome table, bartenders, set-up and clean-up crew! Thank you to the committee members who made it all possible: Ted Mauseth, Lauree Barnes, Regan Michaels, Steve Michaels, Michael Granit, Meredith Hayes and Jay Savulich. We appreciated Brenda and Quan, who watched our kids downstairs, and loved our live band, Pancakes and Jams, led by Elysian alumni Andrew Wholf!
A special thanks to this year’s celebrity judges: Joe Cascetta and Lindsey Bednar of Otto Strada (who also provided gift certificates to our top winners!), along with our very own Mike Purvis and Derek Barnes, and kid judges Miles Savulich and Molly O’Callaghan. Please be sure to visit Otto Strada and let them know you are from Elysian! 
Congratulations to the winners! Job well done!Thank you to all for taking the time to be part of our Chili Cook-Off! We hope you had fun!

Judges’ Pick
First Place: Michael Granit – Real Texas Chili
Second Place: John Fischer - Let Them Eat Steak
Third Place (tie): Gina Alia – Smokin’ Veggie Chili
                         Eduardo Gonzalez – 3 Spice Chili
 People’s Choice
Mike and Eli Blumenfeld - Holy Moly, That’s Good Chili
Most Unique
Niku Shroff – Curry in a Hurry

AMAZONSMILE NO BRAINER MONEY-MAKER - Keep up the good shopping! Just between October 1 and December 31, Elysian made $176.59 by using AmazonSmile. Remember to log on through https://smile.amazon.com/ch/22-3510684 for all of your Amazon needs! 
Recruiting Elysian Mentors!

We are recruiting family mentors for next year's upcoming classes.  Most of the mentoring will be for kindergarten families.  However, as we get new students and families throughout the year in other grades, we will need other mentors for the upper grades.

Lisa and Mark Spear, (George Spear - K) has volunteered to be the chair of this group.   She will organize and assign  you a family and give you family contact  information.  

We do ask that your first contact be by phone, rather than by email.  It is more personal and friendly and you can both get to know one another. Your job is be a contact for questions about Elysian, such as daily activities, sports programming, the Elysian Annual Meeting, how Friends works, up coming events, where to go or find information  or just any questions they may have. If they have concerns about the school, those should be addressed by Elysian administration. 

We like to have the mentors in place in time for the Kindergarten orientation, which is tentatively set for Thursday, May 25.  We also hope that families can meet and greet at the Annual Picnic which will be held on June 7th.

Since we have so many sibling families in kindergarten this year, those families are eligible to be mentors, as long as their older kids have gone through Elysian kindergarten.  
If you wish to volunteer, please contact Lisa or Mark at:   markspear312@gmail.com

We have had many positive comments from families who loved the Elysian "welcome to the community!" so let's keep this alive!  

Susan Gilbertson
Elysian Enrollment Coordinator


Due to last week's snow day, all Thursday clubs will have a makeup day at the end of this session.  
This Wednesday, Feb. 15, all clubs will run as normal.   Please note that Chess Club will NOT meet on Wednesday, Feb. 22 but all other Wednesday clubs will take place.  

Tissue Donations Wanted for the Music Room
Any donations will be greatly appreciated!
Friends of Elysian
We have a great start to this year's Auction! So far we have sold more than 100 tickets, bringing in nearly $11,000 for our school! Thank you to everyone who responded so generously!
For those planning to come and who still need tickets, please buy them as soon as you are able. We have new planning requirements this year and we need our final headcount as early as possible. 
Tickets are still available and so is the special $75 price per guest for all Non-Elysian parents/guardians. Please consider reaching out to friends and extended family to join us for an extra special event this year! 
2017 Annual Friends of Elysian Fundraising Party & Auction to benefit the Campaign For Elysian
Friday, March 10 • 7 – 10 pm
HUB 16 Hudson Place • Hoboken, NJ • 07030
$125 per guest in advance
$135 per guest at the door
$75 per guest for all Non-Elysian parents/guardians
• Paying Online: www.ecsnj.org/support-ecs/auction-2017/  (Scroll down on web page.)
• Paying By Check: Click this link to download a pdf of the registration form (new this year!): www.ecsnj.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/AuctionTicketsRegForm-2017.pdf
Please put this form with your check (payable to “Friends of Elysian Charter School”) in an envelope labeled “Friends Auction” and give to Deb or Susan in the office. (Extra registration forms are also available in the school office.)
* Tickets for:
Concerts: Lionel Richie / Mariah Carey, The Weeknd, Bastille, NKOTB with Paula Abdul & Boyz II Men, Justin Bieber, Florida Georgia Line and Iron Maiden!
Sports: Yankees, Giants, Rangers, Jets, Nets and Devils!
* Weekend at Townhouse in West Dover, Vermont, minutes away from the Mt. Snow mountain resort and ski area (for 2018).
• Thank you very much to everyone who has already donated auction lots!
• If you are able to coordinate a donated auction items, it would be greatly appreciated! We are ideally seeking new items or unique experiences, valued at roughly $200 or more. (But if something is less than that or unique—or if you’re unsure of the value—please email us at friends@ecsnj.org.)
• Our goal is to have a variety of items that can help raise significant funds for the school. While we hope to be able to include all donations, we may not be able to accommodate all items, or may have to group items together. We want to make sure to avoid duplicate items, so if you’re thinking of approaching a Hoboken business, please email us as well since committee members have already reached out to several places.
NOTE: This year we’d like to include a few more Manhattan restaurants and experiences, so if you have a special connection to something in NYC, please let us know.
  Thank you very much for your consideration of this request and for your support! 

  Thank you to everyone for beginning to return your raffle tickets!  A few reminders:
  TICKET PROCESS: When tickets are sold, please have the buyer fill out the stub with their info, and then turn in those stubs and the payments to your teacher. (Each class will have an envelope for collection.) If you receive checks, please have it written out to “Friends of Elysian Charter School.” If you need more booklets, please email Cynthia Ng-Villaluz at cynthia.ng.villaluz@gmail.com.
  CLASS PRIZES: As in past years, there are prizes for the top three classes that sell the most tickets. But this year, you get your choice of a prize! You can choose a pizza party, ice cream party or a collection of games for the classroom.
       Most important, though, the 50/50 will also raise valuable dollars to help support Elysian. We certainly hope that all families will participate, but for anyone unable to sell or purchase all of their raffle tickets, we simply ask that you return any unused tickets to your class parent.
  DEADLINE: The final deadline for all advance 50/50 raffle ticket sales is Wednesday, March 8, but you can of course submit stubs/payments to your teachers as you sell them. (In other words, please don’t wait until the last minute!) Tickets will also be sold at the event on Friday, March 10 and the drawing will take place at 9:30 pm at HUB. (You do not have to be present to win.)

Student Dress
Parents, please be sure to dress your children appropriately for winter weather. When we have our monthly fire drills, students do not have time to get their coats.
Elysian Collects Box Tops and LABELS for Education: 
Look for the container near Deb's desk in the office!  Thank you! 
As per state law, we no longer publish the exact location of trips for security reasons.
Please read the calendar weekly, as changes are updated regularly.

    Tuesday, February 14
    • Basketball: 6th Grade at Wallace, 6:45 PM
    Wednesday, February 15
    • Report Cards distributed
    Thursday, February 16 - Tuesday, February 21
    • Elysian closed for February Break
    Wednesday, February 22
    • Elysian back in session. 
    • No Chess club today.
    Thursday, February 23
    • Basketball: 5th Grade Green Team at Wallace, 6:45 PM
    Friday, February 24
    • Basketball: 5th Grade White Team at Wallace, 6:45 PM
    • Basketball: 6th Grade at Wallace, 7:45 PM
    Saturday, February 25
    • Basketball:  3rd Grade White Team at Wallace, 3:20 PM
    • Basketball: 3rd Grade Green Team at Wallace, 5:00 PM
    • Basketball: 4th Grade at Wallace, 7:30 PM
    Monday, February 27
    • Board of Trustees Meeting, 7:00 PM
    Tuesday, February 28
    • Basketball: 5th Grade White Team at Wallace, 6:45 PM

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